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OB Technician Job Description

As the medical industry continues to grow, those who are in the medical career will certainly have great career opportunities. An OB tech is a good entry-level career in the medical field. Read on for the job description of an OB technician.

What is OB technician?

OB technicians, OB techs, or obstetrics and gynecologic technicians are responsible in assisting the doctors specializing in OB-GYNE or obstetrics and gynecology.

Duties of OB technicians

  • OB technicians must possess a good organizational skill along with skills in basic math. They should also be certified in standard first aid and CPR. OB technicians should be caring and empathetic as they mostly encounter patients with delicate health conditions.
  • An OB tech should have the ability to stand in long hours and walk or bend in long periods in addition to stooping and lifting. They should also follow directions well and possess a strong manual dexterity. They should work well even under pressure.
  • OB technicians also perform administrative duties which include filing paperwork, maintaining records, scheduling appointments and running or processing insurance information.
  • OB techs are responsible in setting the room ready for child deliveries. They are tasked in prepping instruments and other equipments useful in deliveries and devices for obstetrics procedures. OB technicians assemble sterile tables, surgical trays and assist physicians with gloving and gowning.
  • OB techs should also maintain an inventory of the obstetrics departments and maintain proper upkeep of the labor and delivery areas.

Condition of work

Most OB techs are employed in hospitals with labor and delivery departments. Some also work in doctor’s clinic and offices performing clinical and administrative tasks.

Educational Requirements

In order to become an OB tech, a prior work experience as nursing assistant or healthcare support provider is required. Candidates with good educational background such as a degree in nursing will have an advantage. Some employers also prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree with courses covered like anatomy and physiology, insurance processing and medical terminology.

OB Tech Salary

  • Candidates with formal education and certification will gain more opportunity and quicker employment as well as career advancement.
  • The annual salary for Ob technicians differ from state to state, number of work experience and the size of the medical facility. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary range is $45,000-$69,000 [Glassdoor].

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