Opticians Dispensing Job Description

The Dispensing Optician function is to help people see better and look good at the same time.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Dispensing Optician helps people select and then fit eyeglasses and contact lenses to their face.
  • The Dispensing Optician provides this service to people with eye problems and who have a prescription from an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist.
  • The Dispensing Optician recommends frames, lenses and lens coatings after seeing the prescription.
  • The Dispensing Optician recommends according to the patients occupation, habits, and facial features.
  • In order to become a Dispensing Optician you must have a high school diploma and completed college courses in physics, basic anatomy, algebra and trigonometry.
  • The Dispensing Optician must have experience with computers in order to help with calculations and keep a data base of customers. The Dispensing Optician must measure the clients’ eyes including the distance between the centers of the pupils and the distance between the ocular surface ant the lens. The Dispensing Optician may use a foci meter to record eyeglass measurements when no prescription is available. In this manner they can duplicate their existing eyeglass measurements. In some cases the Dispensing Optician can obtain the customers previous records to re-make eyeglasses or contact lenses. The Dispensing optician may verify the prescription with the examining optometrist or ophthalmologist in order to make the patient new eyeglasses or lenses.

    The Dispensing Optician prepares work orders that give ophthalmic laboratory technicians the information they need to grind and insert lenses into a frame. The work order that the Dispensing Optician presents to the lab should also include the prescriptions for lenses and information on their size, material, color, and style. In some cases the Dispensing Optician may grind and insert lenses them. The Dispensing Optician may also apply tint to the glasses. After the lenses are made, the Dispensing Opticians verify that the lenses have been ground to specifications. The Dispensing Optician may bend the frame by hand or using pliers so that the eyeglasses fit the customer properly and comfortably. It is important to teach the customer the proper use and care of their eyeglasses so that they will last them longer.

    The Dispensing Optician must also be responsible to do administrative work such as keeping records on customer’s prescriptions, work orders, and payments. The Dispensing Optician must track inventory and keep track of all sales.

    The Dispensing Opticians spends time fixing, adjusting and refitting broken frames according to the customers need. The Dispensing Optician also is responsible to instruct clients about adapting to, wearing, or caring for eyeglasses. Some Dispensing Opticians, after additional education and training, specialize in fitting contacts, artificial eyes, or cosmetic shells to cover blemished eyes. The Dispensing Optician must measure the shape and size of the eye when they are fitting contact lenses. The Dispensing Optician selects the type of contact lens material and prepares the work order specifying the prescription and lens size. It does take considerable skill, care and patient to fit contact lenses properly. The patient expects the correct fit so that their will not be any discomfort and the vision will improve.

    The Dispensing Optician observes the customers eyes, corneas, lids and contact lenses with specialized instruments and microscopes. The Dispensing Optician teaches the proper insertion, removal and care of contact lenses to the patient. It normally takes several visits for the patient to learn the proper procedures in order to take care of their contact lens. The Dispensing Optician has to make sure that the contact lens is fitted properly and is right according to the prescription.
    Normally the Dispensing Optician has a very good work environment. They work indoors in medical offices or in optical stores. Some Dispensing Opticians work in large department stores or store clubs. The Dispensing Optician spends a fair amount of time on their feet and does some light lifting of supplies. The Dispensing Optician must take proper precautions against the hazards of glass cutting, chemicals and machinery. Most Dispensing Opticians only work about forty hours a week Monday thru Friday, however, those who work in stores or clubs find that they work more hours and must work some evenings and on weekends. The pay range is very good and the Dispensing Optician has good benefits.

    Degrees and Training to Become an Optician Dispensing

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