Paramedic Job Description

Becoming a paramedic entails full dedication to the job and inner drive to respond in many life-threatening situations. A paramedic’s contribution to the society is something to be proud of. Here is an article on the job description of paramedics.

What is a paramedic?

A paramedic is a person who is responsible in providing emergency first-aid in different situation. They are often the first person who arrive at the emergency scene and administer basic life-saving procedures to the injured people.

Duties of a paramedic

  • A paramedic is more than just an ambulance driver as their job is more likely part nurse, part doctor, part trouble-shooter and part counselor. Basically, a paramedic’s job description involves providing medical care for injured or sick people on an ambulance.
  • A lot of paramedics respond in various places such as people’s businesses, homes, medical offices, nursing homes, provide prompt treatment as well as transporting their patients to the nearest hospitals.
  • Keep in mind that paramedics are not EMTs or Emergency Medical Technicians as EMTs only obtain minimum training and performs treatment and basic first-aid only. Such confusion arises whenever some other states refer a paramedic as an EMT for certification or licensing purposes.
  • Most paramedics are allowed to perform IVF line, administer medications, perform invasive procedures, defibrillate patients, read EKGs and insert ETs (endotracheal tube). Some paramedics are also allowed to perform even more depending on the state while other’s duties are limited.
  • In some serious cases, paramedic administer emergency medications to the patient before taking them to the hospital for further medical treatment.

Condition of Work

Paramedic’s job may alter significantly depending on the workplace of the paramedic such as fire department, hospital or private ambulance services. Paramedics don’t have to drive an ambulance anymore as there are more available opportunities for rendering patient-care beyond conventional EMS or Emergency Medical Services.

Educational Requirements

Aspiring students should take many classes to prepare them for passing the certification test for paramedics as issued by the NREMT or the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. This program covers both field and clinical and experience. Additionally, paramedics should obtain a GED or high school diploma as well as prior work experience in any health care setting.

Occupation and Progress

Job prospects for paramedics and EMTs are expected to increase by 9% between 2006 and 2018 which is faster than an average for all jobs, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Paramedics also earn an average hourly salary of $15.88 and an annual average salary of $33,020.

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