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Patient Care Technician Job Description

One of the most in demand careers nowadays is a job that is related to health care. Health is important to all of us; this is the reason why most people invest a lot of money to this. They make sure they have enough funds if ever they will have illness. A Patient Care Technician is hired by most health institutions to help the other members of the health team in taking care of the patients.

Do you have the heart to take care of other people? This can be the career for you.

What is a Patient Care Technician?

A Patient Care Technician works with other health care professionals. They give direct care to patients in different kinds of clinical environment. They play a fundamental role in the care of their patient since they are the one who is in constant contact with the patient than the other members of the health care team.

Duties of a Patient Care Technician

  • A Patient Care Technician is the one who collects sample for the doctor since it will help in the diagnosis of the patient’s condition and the prescription of the appropriate medication. They are trained to get samples according to the set guidelines and making sure that they don’t contaminate them.
  • Recording the vital signs of the patient is important to maintain precise record is another duty of a Patient Care Technician. A patient’s vital sign is a good indicator of the condition of a patient and a way for doctors and nurses to assess them. Aside from the vital signs they also record other important information about the patient.
  • A Patient Care Technician is in charge in helping the patient in doing even the simplest thing. They don’t only bring the food tray to the patient but there are times when they are the one who feed them. They make sure that patient’s has drinks ready on their bedside and replenish them as needed.
  • There are other patients who have obscurity with their mobility. Patient Care Technicians aids patient as they turn and position themselves in bed and gives support to patient if they have trouble in walking. They also help patient with their hygiene such as bathing and dressing.

Work Condition of a Patient Care Technician

Most Patient Care Technicians works in clean and well-lighted environments like hospitals, long-term care centers, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes. They work together with the doctors and nurses for the care of their client. They may be asked to handle multiple tasks at a time. In the health care industry most of them works in shifts since they’re care is needed round the clock by most of the patients.

Educational Requirements of a Patient Care Technician

The minimum requirement for a Patient Care Technician is a high school diploma. Aside from these they need to undergo the appropriate training where they are taught everything that they should know that are related with patient care.

Occupation and Progress of a Patient Care Technician

One of the most essential traits that a Patient Care Technician needs is compassion in taking care of their patient. They should be sensitive to their needs and have the love to serve other people. Patient Care Technicians have limited opportunity to advance. They need to have further education and training to get higher position. They can become registered nurses or medical assistant.

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