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Lumber Yard Worker Job Description

You will be surprise that being a lumber yard worker involves a lot of duties and responsibilities. Aware really what they can do for your? Here is the nature of work of a lumber yard worker. This is something that you should understand to appreciate this job.

What is a Lumber Yard Worker?

Lumber Yard Worker sorts and rack lumber according to its grade markings and size. They too handle stocks, freight and other materials. They often work in forklift equipment and this includes all unskilled manual jobs.

Duties of a Lumber Yard Worker

Lumber Yard Worker can perform the following tasks:

  1. Read special orders from co-workers.
  2. Read instructions from supervisors in handling customer requests and safety procedures in the workplace.
  3. Read and understand the SOP (standard operating procedures) in the company.
  4. Refer to manuals on proper storage and handling of delicate goods.
  5. Read carefully the product labels, warnings and directions posted in the products and warehouse.
  6. Fill up the inventory sheets either weekly or monthly.
  7. Read bills, order forms and invoices.
  8. Read and follow work schedules.
  9. Enter number entries in loading sheets.
  10. Look in the charts for the weights of forklifts that can carry and lift.

Work Condition of a Lumber Yard Worker

Lumber yard workers or also known as lumber handlers may work in a construction firms, logging mills, buildings, lumber yards or contractor. They perform different responsibilities depending also in their work location. They are responsible for sorting, stocking and moving lumbers and determines their quality, type, size and price. The too are responsible for filling orders and supplying materials to their clients. They too offer custom services such as knowing how to operate power tools, drive and operate forklift and a lot more. They are hardworking, strong and follow instructions well.

Educational Requirements of a Lumber Yard Worker

Being a Lumber Yard Worker only requires high school diploma and vocational courses and other related job. Having a bachelor’s degree is not really needed. Some workers can get certification from professional associations and some employers require their workers to be certified. They too need to have knowledge on redwood lumber uses and grades; methods in racks and stacks maintenance and can lift heavy loads up to 90lbs.

Occupation and Progress of a Lumber Yard Worker

Although this has only little or no change in job employment but this field of work offers a lot of job openings because this handles a lot of job responsibilities and more job opportunities are needed to replace workers that leave. This only requires little work experience or training but most of the time the pay is low and it can reduce their earnings for those who have seasonal work only. They can qualify for other jobs such as construction trade workers, production workers or equipment operators if they have experienced for this job. They can be promoted in the future for better pay and highly skilled job and they ca become supervisors too.

Lumber Yard Workers requires a lot of multi-tasking. You could never under estimate them because they are more skillfull and can even perform a lot of tasks even if they work under pressure.

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