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Nanny Housekeeper Job Description

Nannies take care of children. Housekeepers do household chores. These two different jobs combined will give you a nanny housekeeper. Focusing on these jobs would be hard for those who have no experience in handling kids while doing the household. However, little adjustments are needed for nanny housekeepers not to lose focus on what they are doing.

Duties of Nanny Housekeepers:

Responsibilities of nanny housekeepers would be a lot more compared to those nannies and housekeepers alone. Listed below are the duties of nanny housekeepers:

  • Feeding, bathing and keeping children neat and well groomed
  • Doing household chores like washing plates, laundry and general cleaning of the house
  • Taking them to school as well as helping kids in accomplishing their home works
  • Going to and participating in events a child is supposed to attend
  • Keeping an eye on children during playtime and setting play dates
  • Preparing warm meals for children
  • Organizing schedules for children (play time, studying etc.)

Skills Needed:

  • Patience on kids. This would greatly depend on the children taken care of. Some nanny housekeepers would be caring for toddlers, some for month old babies and some may be taking care of teenagers.
  • Managing time wisely. Two jobs combined would be difficult to accomplish if one have improper time management. One must organize and properly plan her schedule to be able to do her tasks.

Educational/Training Requirements:

Generally, employers don’t require any diploma, certification, license, trainings completed or any courses taken. As long as they can do the job, they agreed on the tasks and salaries to be given, and they can make a good employee-employer relationship, there would be no problem.

Compensations Received:

Nanny housekeepers may be asking higher salaries due to the nature of their jobs. It’s hard to be equally attending on duties, dividing ones time and managing their time to accomplish work.
However, though they have to accomplish more jobs compared to housekeepers and nannies alone, still compensations of nanny housekeepers would depend upon their employer. Employers giving higher salaries may give extra responsibilities to nanny housekeepers. Compensations for nanny housekeepers would be dependent upon the agreement made by them and their employer.

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