How to Write a Resume

The Resume is your introduction to the employer and it matters very much how you present yourself in order to get that interview.

Primary Functions:

  • The Resume is your first impression and the introduction to your perspective employer.
  • The Resume will open the door to an interview.
  • The Resume will help you to obtain the position that you are seeking.

One of the most serious pieces of equipment you have to obtain that job is your resume. Today many employers will not grant you an interview until after they have read your resume. Your resume must tell the employer:

  1. Who you are as an individual
  2. What you are capable of doing for them and the company.
  3. Why they should hire you because of the objectives that you have in your life for success with their company.
  4. Where you are in the employment situation in your life.
  5. When you are available to start working for their company.

The first thing that you should do is make sure that your name is spelled correctly, along with providing the right address and telephone numbers (cell phones are now permitted) for contact information. You then need to do a Summary of Qualifications starting with your objective as an employee for their company. In your summary list the things that you are capable of doing regarding the position that you are apply for in other words say “I am capable of maintaining a crew working as a team leader.” In other words if the position is for team leader managing a crew of people then let the employer know that is what you are seeking and qualified to do. List approximately five to seven things that you are qualified to do in the position that you are applying for. You should as the last qualification put in any degrees, rewards, or certifications that you have received that will qualify you for the position.

The next important part of your resume is to make sure that you site your professional experience in chronological order. Start with the last job position until now, then the job position after that. It is best if you only list two job positions three at most unless you have had a run of bad luck and had several position within the past five years. Normally if possible two positions are the best three positions in the past five years should be maximum. If you have worked a few short months it might be best to skip those positions.

The best resume should not be over one page long. The employer does not have a lot of time to read a lot of pages about you. You should be able to give him/her the facts about your employment record, your qualifications, education and your goals in one page. You do need to make it outstanding, brief to the point, but interesting enough that they will call you for an interview. Most people will include a cover letter that helps to enhance their desire to work for the company.

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