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Bilingual Staffing Coordinator Job Description

Bilingual Staffing Coordinator is in charge of the application process and of the designation of the employees to the order of the clients.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Bilingual Staffing Coordinator manages all aspects of employee recruitment.
  • Administration of the hiring process like the drug test, orientation and the interviews is performed by the Bilingual Staff Coordinator.
  • The Bilingual Staffing Coordinator assigns employees that are qualified to perform different job assignments and makes sure that they understand their job duties.

The Bilingual Staffing Coordinator must have strong written and verbal communication skills. The Bilingual Staffing Coordinator must be conversant in speaking, writing and reading two languages (English and another language). Skills in providing customer service are also needed. It is also preferable for the Bilingual Staffing Coordinator to have past work experience in the industry of staffing.

The key duty of a Bilingual Staffing Coordinator is to recruit, interview and post the most qualified applicants to each job position making sure that the standards of the clients are met and that the requirements in the staffing procedure are fulfilled.  The Bilingual Staffing Coordinator promptly responds to the clients’ inquiries, operational services and order assignments. The Bilingual Staffing Coordinator hires and recruits enough number of candidates to fill job vacancies of clients through obtaining referrals, networking and cold calling. It will also be explained by the Bilingual Staff Coordinator to the temporary employees their job responsibilities and the payment process. The Bilingual Staff Coordinator organizes the paperwork of the newly hired employees and verifies the completion of the paperwork. The job of the Bilingual Staff Coordinator does not stop when employees are already hard. He still has to monitor when the employment of the employee is expiring and inform him of the need to renew identification. The Bilingual Staffing Coordinator also maintains a database of employees where he enters new information and then modifies the existing ones when needed.

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