Human Resource Job Description

by admin on September 28, 2009

The Human Resource person coordinates departmental activities and special projects. They supervise staff in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Human Resource person is in charge of the department activities and special projects to ensure quality and meet timetables.
  • The Human Resource person must evaluate department processes
  • The Human Resource person recommends and coordinates needed changes based on process.
  • The Human Resource person assist staff to resolve complex or out of policy operation problems.
  • The Human Resource person must have from three to five years experience working in an office environment or an Associate’s Degree in Business from a Community College.

The Human Resource person conducts interviews, hires new staff, and provides employee orientation. In many companies during orientation the employee might be tested for math and reading skills. Today the ability to do math quickly and read with understanding is very important in doing the job. The new employee must be able to have these skills in order to follow directions. The Human Resource person then will give the new employee a manual with all the company policies and rules explaining the most immediate. If necessary the Human Resource person will explain the person’s job position and the wage that they will receive. Afterwards the Human Resource person will introduce the new employee to their department manager and show them the area in which they will work, break room, and bathroom areas. After which the department manager will take over introducing the new employee to others that they will be working with and training them on the job function that they are expected to do.

The Human Resource person is there to provide coaching and career development advice to the management staff. The Human Resource provides training meetings and conducts safety meetings. The Human Resource person must evaluate staff members to determine their capabilities and if they should be given a raise in pay or a promotion to a higher position. The Human Resource person is the one who reports to the accounting department about departmental budgets and problems that might arise that will cost money to get fixed. The Human Resource person establishes goals for the employees and the management staff in order to keep production going on a smooth basis and to help increase in production.

The Human Resource person is responsible for staff scheduling which includes such things:

  • The Human Resource person schedules work assignments and rotations as needed.
  • The Human Resource person schedules employee breaks, vacations, overtime assignments and shift rotations.
  • The Human Resource person must also find replacements when someone calls in sick and cannot fill their shift.
  • The Human Resource person is directly in charge in seeing that the departments meet productivity and quality goals.
  • The Human Resource person serves on committees and teams as department representative.

The Human Resource person usually manages the time cards for their division and makes sure that the accounting department gets each employee’s time card in a timely manner. The Human Resource person insists that the department manager or team leader keeps within the budget as far as overtime etc. The Human Resource person must approve staff expense reports before they are turned over to accounting for payment. The Human Resource person must approve and coordinate telecommuting arrangements.

The Human Resource person must have good basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills required to manage the job position. The Human Resource person must do reports, handle the math in payroll and budgets and do the filing. It is essential that the Human Resource person be capable of using the computer and software programs. Many of the programs are easy to learn and probably can be learn on the job but most companies prefer to have someone who has taken courses and is familiar with the programs. The Human Resource person needs to be able to do research work on the internet, handle email accounts, and inter-office email communications. The Human Resource person must have good clerical skills, good communication skills, and the ability to give directions both orally and in written format. The Human Resource person in charge of staff and employees has a large responsibility in meeting the needs of others and following the company policies.

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