Human Resources Coordinator Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 30, 2011

Every department in an organization involves several people working towards a goal. However, there are times when the organization becomes too big and things can be quite a handful to handle. This is true especially with the Human Resource department. With all the documents that they need to manage as well as coordinating with the Training department and dealing with the recruitment process, they need a Human Resources coordinator to do the job.

What is a Human Resources Coordinator?

A human resources coordinator is part of the HR Department and provides assistance in all of the more important functions in the department such as recruitment, maintenance of employee records and development of employees. They coordinate with several departments to maintain the consistency of the process implemented by the company seamless.

Duties of a Human Resources Coordinator

  • The human resources coordinator is responsible for record keeping of employees as well as formulating new methods that would greatly help in the retention of employees. They are also responsible in coordinating with the managers regarding the proper implementation of policies and procedures implemented by the company.
  • Helps in the consultation regarding employee related scenarios such as the turnover, attendance, changes in the work environment as well as employee incentive that could lead to the retention of the employee.
  • Performs interviews for corporate recruitment in cases the HR Director is not present. They would also have to assess performance of the employees as well as issuing appropriate disciplinary actions or recognition based on employee behavior and performance.

Work Condition of a Human Resources Coordinator

  • Human resources coordinator works in an office setting and within office hours. They can achieve the minimum 40 hours per week but can be asked to go on overtime depending on the needs of the company. These cases involve companies that require acquiring more employees than usual or when a large portion of the workforce suddenly leaves the company that translates to several paper works that needs to be finished.
  • They are required to have constant communication with several departments within the company such as the operations and the training and development team once the new employees are on board.

Educational Requirements of a Human Resources Coordinator

  • A human resources coordinator should have a bachelor’s degree in human resources although it should be noted that several institutions do not offer a degree program for human resources but they do offer individual courses related to human resources. Interested candidates can also get certification through American Society for Training and Development where they can undergo 16 short term programs.

Occupation and Progress of a Human Resources Coordinator

  • Companies always require an HR department which can be considered as the backbone for a certain organization. There is always a job available in this field and interested applicants won’t have a hard time finding a job. A human resources coordinator can become a director given the right opportunity.

Being a human resources coordinator can be demanding. There are several tasks that need to be accomplished and several teams to coordinate with. But once everything is said and done it can be the most rewarding experience a person can have, knowing that you are responsible for putting all the pieces of a puzzle together.

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