Human Resources Job Description

by admin on September 9, 2009

Human Resource as a career involves working with employees and the company to acquire harmony between both and achieve a successful work environment.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Recruit and staff all departments
  • Full knowledge of computers and informational systems
  • Capable of working with people of different educational levels, cultural heritages, religious practices, age groups, and work experience
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Security for both the company and employees
  • Charge of the welfare, wellness and health benefit programs
  • Take the lead in community programs that involve your company and will help your employees.

There are skills and personal qualifications you need in order to become successful in a career such as Human Resource work. A person who likes everybody may not always be successful as a Human Resource employee for companies. You find that you will need to be able to provide a positive work environment which is critical to business success. You may need to wear many hats heading up many departments in order to achieve what your company expects of you.

A successful person working in Human Resources finds that they must have effective interpersonal skills so you can interact successfully with the employees. You most certainly will need knowledge of computers and information systems in order to perform your job duties you need good communication skills in order to be able to speak and write to the personnel as well as company officials. The ability to work with diverse people from different educational levels, cultural heritages, religious practices, ages, work experience and varied opinions in order to maintain a good work environment. You should be able to have good conflict resolution skills. You should also be able to accomplish goals and work as a member of a team and lead the team when necessary.

A Human Resource person must demonstrate a high level of integrity, confidentiality, and fairness at all times.
The Human Resource not only must have good interpersonal skills but have many duties that they must perform while operating in that position. Realize that you are held responsible to recruit and staff employees for all departments as well as department heads when needed. You are required to be able to maintain organization development along with policy development. Your skills in finding space for equipment, departments or people are often required. You do company-wide committee facilitation. You are in charge of compensation and benefits administration programs. Employees will look to you for safety, welfare, wellness and health benefits. While you are in charge of all these functions you must be able to keep up with things that are happening in the community to help employees and their families.

The Human Resource Director often is in charge of security which may include codes, keys, and personal security for employees. Some corporations hire security personnel in order to protect the company from having property stolen, important plans taken, and even security for their internet projects. The Human Resource Director is often in charge to make sure that everything runs smoothly. This may require you to assist and advise company managers about Human Resource issues. Some of the issues that you are confronted with are things like employee performances, development, recruitment, productivity and standards, goal attainment and management team success.

The educational background for a Human Resource person may vary because of all the things that you are held responsible for handling. There are degrees that you can earn that will help you to become a Human Resource person. You need to specialize in courses related to business, education, organizational development, human services, communications, and technology. It is advised that you take courses in the social sciences such as psychology and sociology and finance. It goes without say that you will need courses in recruitment, training and development of employees. Other suggested courses are in principles of management, organizational structure, and industrial psychology. You will find that to be able to successfully do your job you will need courses in labor laws, collective bargaining, labor economics, labor history and industrial psychology. Today many people who are pursuing a career in Human Resources are also seeking to get a Masters degree in Human Resources, Organization Development, Business Administration (MBA), and other fields.

The required studies and interpersonal skills it takes for a career in Human Resource are worth it when you are applying for a position within a corporation. You must be the type of person who really loves to do this type of work in order to achieve your goals. You will find the compensation to be great. Most people who elect to have Human Resource as their career goals find that they earn a large salary, with many benefits. The work may seem very hard and time consuming but you will find once you start that soon it will not be complicated and the rewards are well worth your efforts.

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