Human Resources Manager Resume

by admin on September 26, 2009

John D. Smith

123 Main Streets · USA 98109

[email protected] · (425) 555.0139

Summary of Qualifications

Experienced in Human Resource duties providing hiring services that finds employees for the corporation and maintaining an atmosphere of great work conditions for the employees.

v  Demonstrated capacity to provide comprehensive support for each employee.

v  Finding an excellent work force that produces beyond company requirements.

v  Adept at developing and maintaining detailed administrative and procedural processes that reduce redundancy, improve accuracy and efficiency, and achieve organizational objectives.

v  Keeping within budgets for the corporation while maintaining a full work force as needed.

v  Proficient in Microsoft Office System, Microsoft Visio®, QuickBooks, Microsoft Windows® operating system, and Mac operating system; type 90 wpm with complete accuracy.

Professional Experience

A. datum corporation – Any Town, USA                                                               2000 to Present

Human Resource Manager

Provide high-level Human Resource Manager Recruitment, hiring, and training to each new employee.

Providing administrative duties that keep up with each employee and their needs while maintaining an accurate work balance for each department and staying balanced for the accounting department.

  • Recruit and train all new management staff members.
  • Do the induction and orientation of all new employees.

adventure works – Any Town, USA                                                                            1997 to 2000

Human Resource

Served as workforce manager planning for enough employees and providing the accounting department completed time cards.

Worked directly with department managers to make sure they were fully staffed and still staying within budget.

  • Finding key personnel who could provide good work performance on order to maintain a fully staffed department under budget.
  • Successfully maintained all employee records along with keeping track of those who needed to be reviewed for job performance.


Human Resource Manager

Provided more than adequate services to the departmental managers, accounting department and the top executives in the field of HR duties.

Prepared travel reports keeping those executives who needed to be on the road an adequate budget but maintaining a good relationship with top executives.

  • Made all travel arrangements for top executives and visitors.
  • Enlisted personnel that could keep up with quotas and still maintain budget.
  • Kept employee records up-to-date
  • Hired and firing of those employees who worked on a temp basis
  • Used staff when needed in positions to maintain full production without having to cut wages but maintaining a cost effective budget.

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