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LMS Administrator Job Description

What is a LMS Administrator?

A Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator is hired by different wide range of industries, starts at the education point to human resources end to publishing. They have the knowledge of the key for LMS to explain thoroughly how software is best used in terms of teaching setting. They are the one who trains instructors who uses computer software in teaching students or other employees as well.

Duties of a LMS Administrator

  • LMS Administrator is liable for the everyday LMS logistical requirements and on the related policies, procedures and processes, which include also managing, registration and rosters of activity.
  • LMS Administrator is responsible in auditing compliance training, monitoring and editing data.
  • LMS Administrator ensure accuracy in recording and preparing in both divisions
  • LMS Administrator give update reports, prepare and develop for the management
  • LMS Administrator evaluates business requirements related in using and configuring LMS application.
  • LMS Administrator monitor data entry, conduct training and coordinate in LMS application
  • LMS Administrator must be flexible and able to adapt constant change

Work Condition of a LMS Administrator

  • An LMS Administrator works in an office building (some are in the building in the Human Resources Dept.) Must be in Business Casual Dress or Suit because their job is formal.
  • An LMS Administrator works full time, meaning they work 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. However, some are having overtime to finish all the paperwork and projects assigned to him or her.

Educational Requirements of an LMS Administrator

An aspiring LMS Administrator should bear a degree in computer science, business or any related area.

Occupational and Progress of an LMS Administrator

The same with other jobs, if you will work hard and give dedication to your job then you will achieve a higher position.

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