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Recruiter Staffing Coordinator Job Description

Generally, sourcing top talents and negotiating their pay rates are the key responsibilities of a Recruiter Staffing Coordinator.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Recruiter Staffing Coordinator recruits candidates for various job positions.
  • This type of job requires daily interaction with clients about their staffing needs.
  • The Recruiter Staffing Coordinator makes sure that all applicants will correctly complete the application process.

Recruiter Staffing Coordinators have a Bachelor’s degree. Experience in administrative support or staffing is also required of a Recruiter Staffing Coordinator. It is also preferred for a Recruiter Staffing Coordinator to have knowledge of applicant tracking systems that are web- based. The Recruiter Staffing Coordinator must be able to exercise individual judgment with regard to candidate selection for presentation to clients.

The Recruiter Staffing Coordinator conducts interviews , skills testing and screening with recruited candidates to make sure that only the best applicants are dispatched in the positions that suit them. Transactions about the payroll process of the employees which includes reviewing timesheets to make sure they are received just in time, reviewing the accuracy of payroll reports, resolving invoice errors and when needed, assisting in collecting the pay rates are all handled by the Recruiter Staffing Coordinator. The Recruiter Staffing Coordinator supervises candidates who are given temporary assignments through conducting activities for quality control and disciplinary reviews. He also provides the temporary workforce ongoing counseling, career support and coaching. The Recruiter Staffing Coordinator enters job orders as well as applicant information on an everyday basis. Maintenance of all personnel files and correspondence is also the responsibility of a Recruiter Staffing Coordinator. The Recruiter Staffing Coordinator also maintains established partnerships with colleges for recruitment and attends job fairs and events for college recruitment. The Recruiter Staffing Coordinator works with the team members of other staffing divisions to achieve the metrics for service quality. Answering phone calls and managing the walk- in applicants are also part of the job of the Recruiter Staffing Coordinator.

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