Computer, Automated Teller, and Office Machine Repairer Job Description

Repairers who work on computers, automated teller machines, and office machines must be able to fix, install, and maintain the machinery. These Repairers are often referred to as Field Technicians.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Field Technicians to this equipment must be able to travel to the businesses in order to do much of their work.
  • The Field Technicians to this equipment must be able to maintain the equipment on a month-to-month or yearly contract.
  • The Field Technicians usually have assigned areas that they work with and must maintain the customers in their assigned district.
  • The Field Technician who is known as the Bench Technician normally work in repair shops located in stores, factories, or service centers.
  • Most Field Technicians have a certification from an accredited degree program that they have taken in a community education program, vocational school or the military.

Most Field Technicians who work on computers, automated teller machines and office machines are bonded for the protection of the business and also for their own personal protection. The data that they have access to is vital and it is very important that none of it stolen that is why most Field Technicians are bonded. Computer Repairers, also known as Computer Service Technicians or Data Processing Equipment Repairers, service mainframe, server, and personal computers. The Computer Repairer may also service printers and auxiliary computer equipment. The Computer Field Technicians often go into the business or home and do hands on repair. Often the Field Technician may also help a person fix a computer problem by telephone. The Computer Field Technician often replaces subsystems instead of repairing them. A subsystem is very inexpensive to replace and most businesses do not want to shut down their main system in order to fix a subsystem that can be quickly and cheaply replaced.

Office Machine and Cash Register Field Technicians work on photocopiers, cash registers, mail processing equipment and fax machines. The newer models contain computerized components that allow them to function more effectively than the earlier models. The Field Technicians usually does a monthly check on the equipment which does not take very long. When the equipment does break down most of the time they are able to fix it while still in the business instead of having to take it with them to the shop. There are some pieces of equipment that might require the Field Technician take them to the shop in order to do this the business usually has an extra cash register that they can use. The Field Technician finds that in most cases the problem is a common malfunction such as paper that is misfeeds or worn dirty parts. The poor-quality copy resulting from problems with lamps, lenses, or mirrors are usually easy to fix or replace. In most cases it is just a matter of cleaning the relevant components. Heavy use of a photocopier may wear down the print head, which applies ink to the final copy. In this situation the Field Technician will usually replace the part.

Automatic Teller machine Field Technicians usually install and repair automated teller machines commonly referred to as ATM’s. The ATM machine provides the customer with the ability to withdraw or deposit into their account. The customer can check out their account balances and some of the newer machines also include stamps, phone cards and ticket sales. When the ATMs malfunction, computer networks recognize the problem and alert the Field Technician. One of the common problems for ATMs is the worn magnetic heads on card readers. When this happens it prevents the equipment from recognizing customers’ bankcards and “pick failures,” which prevent the equipment from dispensing the correct amount of cash. The Field Technician must travel to the ATM machine and repair equipment by removing and replacing the defective component. Normally the broken components are taken to the repair shop where a Bench Technician will make the necessary repairs. In the case of the ATM machine the Field Technician makes routine maintenance on a regular basis, replacing worn parts and running diagnostic tests to ensure that the equipment functions properly. When the Field Technician needs to work on heavy duty equipment or remove it they usually work with an assistant.

Degrees and Training to Become a Computer, Automated Teller, and Office Machine Repairer

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