Cyber Cafe Assistant Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 25, 2011

There are many jobs that are in demand nowadays because of modernization. Jobs that are related to computers are examples of this growing demand. An example of this is a Cyber Cafe Assistant. If your passion and interest is working with computers and you have a profound knowledge regarding computer softwares and the like then this job may be suitable for you. This article will discuss about important information you need to know about this exciting job.

What is a Cyber Cafe Assistant?

A Cyber Cafe Assistant is personnel in an internet shop that gives assistance to customers when they need help. Aside from this main task, this assistant also looks after some of the daily operations in the shop he or she is working in.

Duties of a Cyber Cafe Assistant

  • Assist customers when they have trouble or questions using computer softwares such as
    Microsoft Office, Adobe softwares and all softwares that are being used in the cyber cafe.
  • Provide services such as encoding, printing, downloading and all other operations provided by
    the cafe.
  • Must have primary knowledge of computer maintenance and software installation.
  • Must possess knowledge on popular online and LAN games because he or she will be assisting
    customers to use it.
  • Troubleshoots different kinds of computer programs, hardwares and softwares.
  • Provide excellent customer care.
  • Maintain cleanliness and orderliness of the place.
  • Keep accurate records of logs and inventories of the shop.
  • Time customers of the number of minutes or hours they will use the computer or internet.

Work Condition of a Cyber Cafe Assistant

  • This assistant’s working hours vary and depend on the cyber cafe he or she is working. Some Cyber Cafe Assistants are required to work full time and some part time. The days of working hours will also depend. Some work till the weekend and others on weekdays only.
  • There are also shifting in the Cyber Cafe that is why assistants should be able to adjust working at night since it is part of their job. It can be rough sometimes when he or she is not accustomed with working at night.
  • Since this job will be dealing with customers, one should be courteous and poise enough to assist in their needs even if customers can be demanding and harsh on their actions or words.

Educational Requirements of a Cyber Cafe Assistant

  • Knowledge about computers is a must when working as a Cyber Cafe Assistant. There are computer vocational courses available that can be credited and valid to begin working as an assistant. Courses can range from six months to two years depending on the curriculum one is interested.
  • A degree in Information Technology is really a plus when working as a Cyber Cafe assistant.

Occupation and Progress of a Cyber Cafe Assistant

  • Cyber Cafe Assistant’s job varies depending on his or her knowledge and experience in computers and softwares. One’s salary can be raised and he or she will be allowed to handle complex task when this person is able to show competence.
  • Some assistants chose to utilize the knowledge and experiences they learned at their workplace and were inspired to take advanced education on computers.

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