Cyber Café Attendant Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 17, 2011

A cyber café a.k.a internet café is a place where there is a public access of internet usually with fee. The fee is usually based on per hour usage of internet connection. Some internet café serve snack and beverages, hence the word café is being used. Nowadays, because of the trend of cyber connection and cyber world, cyber café business is one hit business. If you have a capital to start this business, a year or two, you can absolutely gain your profit. And because of the increase of demand of internet houses or cafes, there has also been an increase of cafe attendants. If you are planning to apply to a job that suits your interest (computer) then this job is one for you.

What is a Cyber Café Attendant?

A cyber café attendant is the one who caters his or her customers request in an internet café. He is knowledgeable on computers, filing, data encoding, troubleshooting any future problems in the café.

Duties of a Cyber Café Attendant

A cyber café attendant provides a complete computer facility or unit to customer. They offer foods and beverages to add comfort to customer’s internet surfing activity. They are to print, data encode, troubleshoot internet problems that a customer might encounter. A cyber attendant works for hours to attend all the needs of the customers. It is also their obligation to provide a safe surfing environment to customers.

Work Condition of a Cyber Café Attendant

For a Cyber Café attendant, there schedule is flexible. Meaning they could have morning or night shift. If the business runs for 24 hours then they are to work at least 6-8 hours per day. Also schedules may also change on the availability of the staff or available attendants for the day. They may work in an air conditioned room since most internet café establishments are air conditioned.

Educational and other related Requirements of a Cyber Café Attendant

Graduate of bachelors Degree on IT (Information Technology) is an advantage. If you are knowledgeable on basic things about computer, you can actually do apply. You must also have a good communication skill and can follow instructions.


A cyber café attendant salary varies on location. An average of $300-$320 per month may be an earning for a cyber café attendant. The numbers above are just an average salary researched. Aside from the location, an attendant’s salary who is expert on computers may also vary.

Nowadays, finding a new and real job that will fit your interest and personality is really not easy. It will take you a lot of hard work and hard ship. Because f the trend of technology, and the demand of technology, good thing too because they can provide and give employment to those unemployed. It gives you the chance not only to earn but also expand your learning on computers. There are really those people who are really interested with computers that they find it a challenging task to be done. That is why, cyber café business will continue to rise and cyber café attendant job will also continue to be in demand.

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