Data Entry Job Description

by Publishing Team on August 23, 2010

Data entry personnel are tasked with updating and maintaining company information on a computer system and in all pertinent databases and archives.

The Data Entry Job is an important function in the information management unit with ties to all sectors of the company that include sales, marketing, medical administration, human resource records and organizational development. The job is straightforward and involves data input in a prescribed corporate database. The nature of the information varies, from personal to confidential and propriety data.

The Data Entry must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The Data Entry is responsible keeping record of all information systems input, by keeping track of data processed within the database. The Data Entry Specialist must make use of spreadsheets and database checking processes to ensure that information is inputted correctly.
  • The Data Entry works as part of the Information Technology Unit, working directly as part of the database management and data entry teams. They are responsible for keeping all proprietary and confidential data entries in line with the company integrity policies and must exercise discretion and security in maintaining the value of information entered into the database.

Skills that Data Entry should posses:

  • The Data Entry should have excellent computer applications knowledge, with the ability to use different database administration software and participate in the development of proprietary information keeping systems within the business. They should also be familiar with how to use record keeping programs that require additional security protocol such as biometrics integration.
  • The Data Entry should be skilled in data management and entry, with a mastery of the input device ( keyboard, scanning devices, digital pens) and knowledge in its troubleshooting and maintenance.

Work Related Expectations:

  • A Data Entry is expected to have a solid background in Information Systems Management, Information Technology, Encoding or a relevant educational standpoint to qualify for the position.
  • The Data Entry should be knowledgeable using popular database software as well as have the skill to learn and master proprietary information keeping systems developed by the company.

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