Database Manager Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 24, 2011

As the computer industry is continuing to make history around the world, it also creates numerous opportunities and offers a lot of jobs for everyone. Working from home is now possible through the use of computer and the power of the Internet. However, there are people who work for the conformity and comfort of all the users, they are called the Database Manager.

What is a Database Manager?

A Database Manager is responsible for organizing all important data in the computer. He manages the security of all documents as well as its recovery on the database. He makes sure that the data encoded are consistent among the users. He manages also the users identity to control the security of the database as well as there identity’s security. He works closely with other computer programmers and IT experts.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Database Manager

  • It is his responsibility to design a database for the company that is easy for all the users to access and use.
  • It is also his responsibility to maintain the security of all documents and identity of all the users that are authorized to access it.
  • He also control the users who can access the database.
  • He installs and customizes applications for the betterment of the program.
  • He makes sure that the storage, back-up and recovery of data are working well.
  • He is also responsible for restoring and recovering corrupted databases.
  • He studies and evaluate other database technologies to implement.

Educational Background of a Database Manager

This career is open to all who have a bachelor’s degree, but those who have background on computer engineering, software engineering, informational technology, computer science, electronics and any courses related to computer field have greater chances of making this a career. Those who also know about business and management principles and has knowledge about economics can pursue this job.

Skills and Qualifications of a Database Manager

  • He must have good communication skills and knows how to work well with team mates.
  • He must have good problem solving skills and good analytical skills.
  • He must be able to work under pressure and can meet deadlines.
  • He must be knowledgeable about the needs of the users of the database.
  • He must be updated among the new trends of technologies of the computer.
  • He must be organized.
  • He must be knowledgeable about financial or accounting principle.
  • He must be able to assess good applications for the program.
  • He must be able to pass his knowledge to his fellow workers.

Work Conditions of a Database Manager

The working environment is quite informal. The job can be carried in other locations and at home with the use of Internet, and e-mail. Self-employment is also possible. Working hours is also based on a typical working hours of employees, however, overtime and weekend jobs is possible for restoration and maintenance purposes of the database. He is also always on-call in case of emergency situation. Pressure is always in since he must always ensure that the database will run accordingly and smoothly.

Occupational Progress of a Database Manager

Database Managers may move on to fields like database architecture, system development and project management. They also serve as contractors and consultants to some Information Technology firms and bigger corporations.

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