Information Technology Analyst Job Description

Information Technology is not only limited to computer software, database programming, data constructs, or information systems. Any information and data that are put into a visual format are part of the domain of information technology. The broad scope of computers made it possible in giving opportunities and jobs for people as an Information Technology Analyst.

What is an Information Technology Analyst?

An Information Technology Analyst is responsible for developing or designing computer solutions. They are also responsible to define and enhance any computer applications that are used in the company. They are closely working with the company’s management in order to know the plans and goals of the corporation to make immediate developments on the system.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Information Technology Analyst

  • He is responsible for making computer applications that functional and operational for all the users.
  • He is responsible for defining and developing computer systems suitable for the companies work flow and production.
  • He creates an efficient and cost effective computer system.
  • He evaluates present applications used by the company and upgrade or enhances existing programs. He conducts surveys to the users in order to consider their needs while upgrading the system.
  • He provides support to intranet and Internet maintenance and developments.
  • He develops gateways and filters linked to the messaging and communication systems.
  • He conducts research on the new technologies to provide more efficient support.
  • He insures that the system is secure and the network is well filtered.
  • He tests the system and programs and integrates it in modules.
  • He records all the procedures, solutions and frequently asks questions about the system. He writes and stores all the documentations of the existing communication and data systems.

Educational Background of an Information Technology Analyst

Those who have a bachelor’s degree on Information Technology is pretty good in making this a career. However, those who have a degree on any related computer courses can also excel in this field. Computer courses such as Computer Science, and computer engineering. Candidates who have gained any units of these courses can also assist in this kind of job.

Skills and Qualifications of an Information Technology Analyst

  • He must have any management experience.
  • He must have exceptional communication skills both in written and verbal form.
  • He must be able to learn new things easily, both procedural and technical.
  • He must be knowledgeable in programming methodology, computer software, report generation methods, data communication and transaction based processing.
  • He must be able to prepare written procedures and instructions.
  • He must be able to analyze data.
  • He must be able to understand business processes.
  • He must be able to work independently and can have exceptional solving problem skills.

Working Environment of an Information Technology Analyst

Mostly an Information Technology Analyst works in a place where he can perform his duty well. He works 40 hours a week or more. He also manages working while talking through phone or through the Internet reaching the remote areas that are part of the domain of the company. Self-employment is possible while travel is quite rare.

Job Outlook of an Information Technology Analyst

As the demand of Information Technology in the business society and health care environment, the Information Technology analyst demand will also rise. The wireless Internet and the combination of the mobiles and computer system contribute also to this demand.

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