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IT Business Analyst Job Description

Businesses’ objective is to make more profit and lesser expense. Companies want to make their products be able to have a huge market share but with minimal costs to manufacture them. There will always be competition in any business and to beat them is knowing when to upgrade and when to change trends. In the business world its either you make it or you break it. To keep up or get ahead in the business jungle, it is important to have someone do the hard work of analyzing the trends and upgrading the business system. This job is handed to an IT business analyst.

What is an IT Business Analyst?

An IT Business Analyst is the key position in a company where he is responsible to create business systems, integrate recent technical systems to enhance work flow, operations, effectiveness and efficiency of the business as a whole.

Duties of an IT Business Analyst

An IT Business Analyst has a number of duties to fulfill.

The following are an IT Business Analyst’s duties:

  • An IT Business Analyst gathers data on the work flow of a business that needs to be analyzed and improved.
  • After analyzing such data collected, an IT Business Analyst then designs solutions to the company which needs improvement on the business model that they have. Most solutions are made in technological terms, wherein a business system is to be integrated into the company’s work flow.
  • Such solution in the business system is then presented by the IT Business Analyst to the company’s top management with the heads of the different departments of the company to be able to inform them so have the opportunity to raise reactions and comments of the possible changes that the company may undergo. It is imperative for the IT Business Analyst to answer queries and explain to the company’s employees their concern on the improvements to be implemented.
  • An IT Business Analyst is then tasked to execute the needed changes in the business system.
  • An IT Business Analyst is also responsible in making and submitting reports.

Work Condition of an IT Business Analyst

The office setting is the usual workplace of an IT Business Analyst. He may work in a large company, corporation or a consultancy firm. He interacts with the different employees in various departments in a company and may work long hours as he has a huge job to take care of. This kind of job may be stressful and a lot of energy is placed to accomplish the tasks at hand. Ability to work under pressure and dedication to the work are demanded of the IT Business Analyst.

An IT Business Analyst must have exceptional mathematical and analytical skills and a strong ability in problem solving. Other skills needed may include: logical thinking, detail-oriented and multi-tasking ability. Excellent verbal and written communication is also needed to execute this kind of profession.

Educational Requirements of an IT Business Analyst

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related course is required to become an IT Business Analyst. A master’s degree is an added advantage to land this job and is also an acquisition of more knowledge to be able to do his job as an IT Business Analyst. Previous experience of at least three years as a business analyst may be preferred by some companies.

Occupation and Progress of an IT Business Analyst

There is a high demand in the market for this profession. Further education on other programming courses may also help in getting an edge in this job position. Trainings, seminars and workshops on related topics applicable in achieving the desired outcome are ways to expand knowledge and gain advantage in this profession. Having all these under the belt, one can climb up the company ladder and land a team leader or managerial position of the IT department and pave his way to other higher positions that he may qualify for.

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