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IT Project Manager Job Description

In contemporary society, the rise of technological advancement especially in a company makes various work stamina easy and efficient. With this, the need for IT project manager is equally important so as to maintain a coordinated and functional operation in a given company.

What is an IT Project Manager?

An IT project manager is also known as an information technology project manager. They play several roles in a particular company or organization. IT manager’s duty can vary from company to company and mostly depends on the structure and size of the company. Oftentimes, IT managerial tasks extend beyond supervising the company’s development, security of various computer, maintenance as well as information network systems. Furthermore, vast people working in this particular field perform tasks that create huge opportunity in handling a specific field in the arena of information technology.

Duties of an IT Project Manager

  • The information technology (IT) project manager is responsible with the totality of information system and business computer in a company. This is an advanced position in IT that requires a person to accomplish a course in all aspects of computer operation and networking. The IT project manager plays a crucial role in maintaining the company operations to run smoothly.
  • The IT project manager oversees all the company staff in an IT department. They guide, direct and mold junior employees with various duties and tasks the employee may have difficulty doing.
  • IT managers implement information technology (IT) system security in an organization to promote a safe data and good IT systems. They check and inspect the company’s WAN systems and oversee the maintenance and management of work stations on their computer.
  • It managers also provide training of company staff to make sure staff can use computer hardware and software competently. Aside from that, they keep an open communication with their top management regarding IT issues and provide full support in troubleshooting different computer problems.
  • IT project managers are responsible in proper storage of company data, make backups and archiving of company records. They also provide technical support to their employees in their organization and interact with their clients on a routine basis to be able to see their IT problems and give effective solutions to them.
  • IT managers ensure safe and smooth action on all IT systems in their organization and keep their employees informed on all technological changes that are happening in their organization.
  • They identify new trends and computer systems available in the market to keep their IT status updated, organize and lead team meetings, encourage and motivate their staff to meet the goal of the company, ensure that the standard local requirements in licensing are fulfilled and met as well as making departmental budget and implement it accordingly.

Conditions of Work

IT project managers mostly work in large companies. However, a company may have several IT managers with specific field of specialization. For instance, some IT managers may act as information technology project managers which develops budgets and coordinate proper roll out of new company projects and ventures. IT managers typically have good deal of contact with their outside clients as well as 3rd party vendors.

Educational Requirements

General requirements to become an IT project manager include a bachelor’s degree in information technology. Majority of IT project managers have attained degrees not only in information technology but also in technical project management and other related fields.

Occupation and Progress

As technological advancement increases in this global workplace, great need for IT project managers is projected to increase 16% on the year 2016 faster than average for all professions. The huge demand in advanced (IT) information technology projects will drive the great need for IT project managerial jobs.

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