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Jr. Programmer Job Description

Every company is already using computers and internet technology these days to speed up their business operations. They can achieve this with the help of computer programmers. They use information systems that are aligned to business policies in order to build applications. This eventually allows the company to meet their goals, increase their profit and improve the company’s productivity. What to know what a junior programmer does? Here’s some very exciting nature of the work of a computer programmer that you might want to try.

What is Jr. Programmer?

Junior programmer is under the supervision of a senior programmer. They provide support to design, development, implementation and maintenance of the applications that they developed for their clients.

Duties of a Jr. Programmer

Junior programmer performs a lot of duties and these include the following:

  1. Analysis and Design: They analyze the needs of their clients before they begin their software project. Then once they meet all these requirements they begin to develop the software. Junior programmers assist in the analysis and design phase of the project.
  2. Writing Code: They are usually responsible for writing the code of the application to be developed. The senior programmer on the other hand will just be the one to assign the functions and specify the methods and events needed for the program and the junior programmer will do it.
  3. Debugging: They carry out the debugging and troubleshooting of the program. They too will record the results and identify the possible problems in the application.
  4. Documentation: They often provide the basic user manual to be use by the end users. They also offer functional specifications to writers who will create the manual. They are the ones who will create the complete documentation of the entire application.
  5. Training the end user: They often help in training the users once the application is built and created.
  6. Maintenance and Application upgrade: They are required also to create new functionality if their clients want it too.

Work Condition of a Jr. Programmer

A Junior programmer works in an office with the other team at eight hours a day. However they should be flexile to if there are certain projects that needs to meet the deadline. Sometimes they need to work on a weekend and even needs to work overtime.

Educational Requirements of a Jr. Programmer

If you are interested to become junior programmer you need to have bachelor’s degree in computer science and other related field that requires a junior programmer job. There are also professionals who have master’s degree in this field. They are required to have good communication skills and critical thinking ability to work under pressure.

Occupation and Progress of a Jr. Programmer

Junior programmer is one of the popular jobs when it comes to IT occupations. They usually paid higher and even have an increasing pay in the global market and this was most of the programmers enjoy. They usually have an average income annually $30,000 to $50,000.

If you are looking for a good paying job then go for being a junior programmer. If you are in the field of IT then a lot of job opportunities await you. They usually got an excellent pay in this challenging career.

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