Jr. System Administrator Job Description

The best way to become Junior System Administrator is to take relevant classes and familiarize with yourself with that is highly used in businesses and corporations. There are minimum requirements in becoming Jr. System administration. Here is a more specific job description to help you get more knowledge about the position.

What is Jr. System Administrator?

Jr. System administrators are primarily responsible for maintaining the company’s computer system, managing server and installing and upgrading the company’s server. Also some Jr. System Administrator are responsible for ensuring back up, restore data and secure data loss.

Duties of a Jr. System administrator

The duties of a System Administrator are wide ranging and can vary widely from one organizations to another, Jr. System administrator are in charge of installing, supporting and maintaining servers or other computer systems. Other duties may include;

  • Maintaining the computer system of a company
  • Provide end-user support, resolving technical issues and provides technical assistance for all Operating system
  • Provide remote support through phone or end-user via phone
  • Set up new hires with equipments and appropriate access to the company’s system
  • Maintenance of the business software applications
  • Implements, installs, configures, monitors, trouble shoots and evaluates existing and new operating systems
  • Confers with database programmers, analysts or other system administrators
  • Directs technicians who are involve in diagnosing and correcting systems related to failures and performing system management and determines logical solutions

Work condition of a Jr. System Administrator

The typical physical demands of Jr. System Administrator;

  • Must have ability to perform essential functions, must have the ability to sit in for extended periods of hours and can manage to focus for several hours attending to the problems and solutions of company’s computer system.
  • Must be physically healthy to attend entering data into the computer terminal, read on computer screens and printed materials without the use of vision aids.
  • Hear and understand speech at a normal level and on the phone. Had the clear ability to understand and follow oral instructions.
  • Physical ability to lift up to 25 pounds
  • The working environment of a Jr. System Administrator is usually in an office environment.

Educational requirements of a Jr. System administrator

A Jr. System administrator should have a strong back ground in science, math and computer science as well as experience working with computer. Here are a few lists of the basic educational requirements and skill requirements for becoming a Jr. System Administrator;

  • College degree in Computer Science, Systems science, math and computer engineering.
  • Some companies hire Jr. System administration with basic knowledge in operating systems. Computer technology, software and writing system documentation. These companies often times offer training with salary.
  • Bachelors degree or related experience are required
  • At least five years of experience supporting end users providing technical assistance and resolving technical issues for all known operating systems.
  • Experience in diagnosing complex technical issues
  • Experience in trouble shooting network, server and operating systems
  • Must have great skills in costumer service skills

Lots of Jr. System administrator has a degree mentioned above. Some schools offer undergraduate degrees in Jr. System administrator.

Occupation and Progress of a Jr. System administrator

Jr. System administrator is often promoted to Senior System Administrator then next to project manager. Some Jr. System Administrator specializes in certain area such as security and become experts in that area. Some also take advance classes in system administration which gives them a higher chance to get promoted because of their knowledge in computer systems.

Some Jr. System Administrators hold certifications for specific servers such as Microsoft Certified System Administrator. Holding a certification for specific servers will also be helpful in getting more success in the field of technology.

The best way to become a Jr. System Administrator is to attend relevant classes and also familiarize yourself with multiple operating systems, getting certifications for specific servers are great way to show your skill level.

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