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Lead Software Engineer Job Description

Since the world today has embraced the new technology, jobs have been based more on those that engaged with the latest technology. The most common job is the ones that involve computers, specifically programming. There’s an increase in demand for computer programmers and one of its subcategories is lead software engineering.

What is a Lead Software Engineer?

Lead software engineer is a professional that uses a systematic application of science and technological knowledge using the medium of sound engineering principles to produce computer programs.

Duties of a Lead Software Engineer

Lead software engineer has the following tasks that involve the field of expertise:

  • provides planning, processing and performing all jobs
  • designs and develops programming systems
  • responds promptly and professionally to bug reports
  • reviews and repairs legacy code
  • conducts system analysis and development with limited support from professional staff
  • analyzes, designs, coordinates and supervises the development of software systems
  • analyzes system specifications and translates system requirements to task specifications for junior programmers
  • provides analysis of current programs which includes performance, diagnosis and troubleshooting of problem programs, and designing solutions to problematic programming
  • develops new programs and proves the program to develop needed changes
  • develops new programs, analyzes current programs and processes, and making recommendations
  • writes, edits, and debugs new computer programs for assigned projects
  • documents code consistently throughout the development process by listing a description of the program, special instructions, and any changes made in database tables on procedural, modular and database level
  • responsible for reading, understanding, and utilizing all part and assembly prints, forms, spreadsheets, bills of material, specification sheets, and technical references
  • utilizes tools and equipment involved in performance of essential functions of programming including measuring instruments
  • searches, summarizes and keeps the team abreast of strategic information from all sources
  • maintains client databases
  • communicates with engineers and manufacturer’s technical support staff regarding programming needs and performance
  • provides feedback to analysis/training staff about performance considerations / usability issues concerning software specifications and implementation
  • researches and recommends software tools to management
  • provides assistance to testers and supports personnel as needed to determine system problems

Work Condition of a Lead Software Engineer

Lead software engineer works based at the offices of a specific company.

Educational Requirement of a Lead Software Engineer

Lead software engineer requires a bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or any related/similar field, at least 5 years experience in web development, has an experience with the following:

  • profiling, load simulation, Linux optimization, and database optimization
  • Subversion, JavaScript, CSS and OO programming

Occupation and Progress of a Lead Software Engineer

Lead software engineer has great opportunities and good compensations such as very competitive salary and early-stage stock options. If you want to progress more, you can build your own business with related work or even have your own company for web development or computer programming, or even establish a school or training center for those who aspire to become a software engineer. Your success depends on how determined you are in your profession. Believe in yourself.

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