LMS Project Manager Job Description

Generally, when you hear the word “manager”, it almost always occurs to you an image of someone respectable, on top of his/her game, and someone who always calls the shots. But is that really the case for all managers, including project managers? Is this job fit for only the highly-educated? Is the pressure really strong? If so, is it worth it? What is that to begin with? Read on so you get answers to every little question in your head.

What is an LMS Project Manager?

LMS or Learning Management System is a software package that automates the management and delivery of e-learning content and resources of training events to students. It accommodates educational, administrative, and deployment requirements. The Project Manager of such does the planning, execution, and finalization of stuff according to tight deadlines and within budget.

Duties of an LMS Project Manager

  • He/she defines scope of a particular project. The project manager may have to run more than one project simultaneously but should see to it that all the projects are smooth sailing. There should be goals set that support business goals in partnership with people he/she works with.
  • He/she identifies project resources such as people, materials and budget. He/she is in charge of looking after every detail of the project. The planning process involves forming a team necessary for efficient completion of the project. He/she has to state the purpose of the entire project and allocate the team members specific roles. Also, he/she should make a budget plan.
  • He/she defines communication strategy. The duties of the project manager also involve developing and maintaining pleasant relationships with clients and team members. He/she should operate as a link between both parties and should have the aptitude to deal with issues that may occur within the team or with the clients. One should carry out regular meetings with team members to know the standing of the project and also to make particular changes and improvements. He/she needs to prepare and present project reports regularly.
  • He/she builds up a timeline for each phase of the project. He/she should have the ability to stimulate and persuade them to put in all their hard work to complete certain tasks successfully in a specific period of time.
  • He/she recognizes factors to success. When the project is done, the project manager should conduct a meeting with the team members to assess the project and to talk about the outcome. This time, the he/she should identify the key factors that brought about the completion of the project and also those that were not helpful for the project, so that they can be avoided in the future.

Work Condition of an LMS Project Manager

Most of the LMSs are web-based but they are also used in regulated industries such as financial services and the like that are typically in an office setting. They are also used by educational institutions. What matters most is that project managers have total access to the training database, allowing them to generate standard and customized reports on individual and group performance.

Educational Requirements of an LMS Project Manager

This position often requires a Bachelor’s degree or years of professional experience in IT or project management experience. Established leadership qualities are almost always essential. Excellent technical writing skills are significant. Experience using Microsoft Office suite technologies and MS Project is often required. The LMS Project Manager must possess outstanding communication skills.

Occupation and Progress of an LMS Project Manager

He/she is able to enhance his/her management skills in many aspects. Good communication and interpersonal skills are also sharpened, as well as leadership skills, technical skills and efficient team management skills. His/her ability to resolve conflicts is also practiced.

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