MQSeries Administrator Job Description

MQseries is an IBM software family whose components can be a part of other software applications. It allows other software applications to work together. These software applications are known as business integration software or middleware that serve as an intermediate between two separate and existing programs. Maintenance of a MQseries is necessary for proper functionality of software applications. To maintain MQseries, the skills of the MQSeries are needed to support software applications. Due to the advent of new technologies, you might want to consider being an MQSeries Administrator.

Are you interested in computer stuffs? Perhaps, you might want to consider a MQSeries administrator as a job. Let’s tackle the nature of work of the MQSeries administrator.

What is a MQSeries Administrator?

The MQSeries administrator is an individual who has knowledge and skills of the MQSeries. He/she must have the primary skills in doing infrastructure work, maintaining, and administering MQSeries. He/she can also help troubleshoot software problems and gather information for problem resolution.

Duties of MQSeries Administrator

The MQSeries administrators have a range of responsibilities. They evaluate, install, test, and implement the MQ software to support software applications. They also maintain installed MQ software in an on-going basis and apply appropriate patches to maintain system integrity. They also troubleshoot software problems to maintain software stability.

The MQSeries administrator works in conjunction with customer application programmers or analyst in modifications or additional features needed to the production or test MQ definitions. They also compile and code necessary changes to software components.

The MQSeries administrator can also help customer analysts and programmers to debug programs using MQ software. They give technical guidance to customer analysts and programmers involved in the design, development, and implementation of software applications using the MQ software. They also check and maintain MQ software products for its performance and resources utilization.

Apart from maintaining and providing technical support, the MQSeries administrator can also provide training for MQ support staff. They also give reports of projects and status of services to their senior management.

Work Condition of the MQSeries Administrator

The MQSeries administrator works in high-profile and demanding working environment. They spend a number of hours sitting with a computer. The work of MQSeries can be stressful but a rewarding experience. It can be mentally draining sometimes since the nature of the job requires a lot of analytical and logical skills.

Educational Requirement of the MQSeries Administrator

The educational requirement of the MQSeries administrator is a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, computer engineering or any computer related course. Knowledge about databases, different programming languages or operating systems is also required. He/she must also have knowledge about system development.

Occupation and Progress of the MQSeries Administrator

The career opportunities of the MQSeries Administrator are great since there is a lot of technological advancement and we are living in a computer age today. To progress in this job, one must be up-to-date to new technologies and must continue to learn different technologies. He can become a team leader or a manager in a software company. With years of experience and training, he can also plan to have his own software company.

Never be afraid to take risks. Exploring a career can be a risk but it can lead to success if your determination is strong. Do you want to venture out the MQSeries administrator as a career? This might be a right choice of career for you.

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