NC Programmer Job Description

Numerical Control (NC) refers to the automation of machine tools that are being operated by abstractly encoded commands on a storage medium that is being programmed, as opposing to manually controlled levers or in any automated machines. NC programming plays a very big role on our modern world today. Having an NC programmer is the best way to develop the application of different technology wherein it grows and grows as time pass by.

What is NC Programmer?

An NC programmer is a person who is responsible for the preparation and development of numerical programs used to drive NC and CNC tools. The programmer will select the necessary tools that are used in cutting, and also in establishing the sequence of operations of the machine’s operations. He/she is also assigned in creating the specific machine codes in order to drive the cutting tool’s cutter path. The programmer must also utilize the graphics and the language-based systems. He/she must also regenerate the engineering geometry manually and transcribe the information from the third party software like EXCEL, AUTOCAD, and INTERCOM SOLIDWORKS.

Duties of an NC Programmer

  • An NC programmer is responsible in reporting production problems that is caused by the wrong manufacturing process, programming procedures to immediate supervisor, and tooling. He/she is also assigned in checking other CNC programs as needed for programming accuracy and utilizing standard procedures prior to a new or revised program that is being released to the shop floor.
  • He/she is also tasked in generating actual parts of the programs for the CNC turning and also machining center and utilizing the exact equipments in computer programming. The NC programmer is also responsible in specifying correct machining data, current manufacturing and processing, tool geometry and work holding on specifications.
  • An NC programmer must also able to read and interpret the drawings and specifications for manufacturing requirements. He/she also must be involved in lean manufacturing events and projects.

Work Conditions of an NC Programmer

If an NC programmer works in an establishment or a company, they usually work in offices that are well-lighted and well-ventilated for concentration. Some of them that become an officer are in air conditioned offices in order to maintain the temperature of the computer they use. Some NC programmers are being requested by clients personally.

Educational Requirements of an NC Programmer

To become an NC programmer, one must have an associate degree in a mechanical/technical fields, or in any comparable training and experience. The applicant must also have at least 5 years NC programming experience using languages and graphics based systems. He/she must also have experience of two years in general machinist.

Occupation and Progress of an NC Programmer

NC programmers that are working in companies and establishment are on employment basis. As of today, most of them develop their own businesses because of their belief that they will progress in their career faster than employing one’s self in companies or any other establishments. If you want to become successful in this career, you should perfect your skills in applying NC programming languages.

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