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Abstractor Job Description

Do you have a knack in reading and writing? Have a strong interest for different subjects related to medicine, science, technology, marketing, and many more? Do you like staying at home and spending the rest of the day in front of your computer? If your answer to those questions is yes, you just got lucky for reading this. You are now having your great opportunity to become an abstractor.

Let’s delve deeper on to what an abstractor is.

An abstractor focuses primarily in home based data entry which is an unusual online job. In other words, an abstractor is a writer or a data entry person who takes information from the website, reading the contents carefully, and pin them down into a paragraph, document, from letters to journals, and so forth, usually in less than 20 sentences. For instance, you have a page of document at hand; trim down the information in to a summarized form of the whole document. Others are frustrated with this kind of process but if you love information processing, then this perfectly suits your ability.

There are simple ways on how to become an abstractor:

  1. Select the right medium – Having the online medium serves as the better mode to jump start your abstracting job, whereas the offline mode requires significant costs in establishment. Choosing a freelancing agent is advisable rather than having regular persons for the job. To be able to keep track of the lost commissions, make sure to have a regular check for accounts such as PayPal. It is to prevent a huge loss. If such a thing happens, select another medium as an alternative.
  2. Identify Your Potential Area – In the United States, Houston is known for housing a massive market for abstracting. There are kinds of abstracting you can get involved with such as commercial or technical abstracting, fashion, or editorial abstracting. Here is the catch, choose one area that is very appealing to you and cultivate your expertise there.
  3. Effectively Market Your Skills – Start by having your own website and placing good contents on it as this promotes yourself to others. You can also offer people you know to make abstracts for them. Just do your best for it creates a good impression so they will generously pay you for your efforts.

To become an abstractor, you must work your way through it in your own discretion. The most basic of the job is to sum up a document or an article to be precise, cut it in to a paragraph or two, without losing the idea and essence. You have to be speedy and knowledgeable in the field you have chosen to work with. If, however, you can’t find time to create your own website and don’t want to invest in it, you can easily have yourself registered to sites that offer online jobs to outworkers. To further your effectiveness as an abstractor, keep in mind to always give your client more than what he has paid for. Work with him so you can develop personalized abstracts and share your previous successful works.

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