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Aesthetician Job Description

So many people have dreamed of getting that perfect body and look that would match the looks of most modern movie stars. Throughout the years there have been several innovations in improving the outside appearance of human beings. These are put to practice by aestheticians.

What is an Aesthetician?

Aestheticians work on several fields to improve the outer appearance of a person. The title is applicable to a variety of workers, ranging from those working in spas, salons, those who practice plastic surgery and even hospitals.

Duties of an Aesthetician

  • Aestheticians have been around for a long time. They existed during the days of kings and emperors of the ancient times. An Aesthetician is usually a skin care therapist. They provide direct but also indirect care for the human skin. Part of their responsibility is to make sure that they maintain healthy skin of clients by making them feel good about themselves and providing tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Aestheticians first analyze skin condition of clients to provide the appropriate cosmetic treatments of the whole body. These include procedures such as hydrotherapy, body wraps, and exfoliation. Other aspects are hair grooming, maintaining of eyelashes, lightening skin pigments and the likes.
  • Medical aestheticians that work in the medical field such as hospitals and clinics are responsible in uplifting patients self esteem. They assist patients in providing conventional treatments as well as psychological counseling.

Work Condition of an Aesthetician

  • An aesthetician usually works in spas and salons. They can get the minimum full time schedule of 40 hours per week and can extend depending on the need.
  • Social skills are very important since each patient is different in their own way and aestheticians need to find the suitable approach for each patient handled.
  • Performing skin enhancement procedures is the bulk of the actual work. Each aesthetician should be working in a sterile environment to avoid infection within the work area.

Educational Requirements of an Aesthetician

  • All aestheticians should be registered and should have their license before participating in any practice. Expect to encounter different license procedures in each state. A diploma from a state licensed institution will suffice as these programs have classroom lecturing settings as well as real life job demonstration.
  • Usually, written and practical tests will be conducted to get the proper license. To provide additional knowledge, it will help to take up classes in anatomy and physiology which mostly deals with the human body.

Occupation and Progress of an Aesthetician

  • Outlook for aestheticians looks positive. With the advent of modern technology, skin care is within the reach of the masses. The need to improve ones appearance is no longer limited to females as the male population in need of skin care is increasing as well.

Aesthetics currently is no longer considered as vanity. It is now a requirement for millions of people who would like to feel good about them. Now is a great opportunity to be in the business since a lot of people are in need to pamper themselves and get away from the stress of everyday living.

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