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Alcohol and Drug Counselor Job Description

All around the world, many people from adolescents to adults are actively involved in substance abuse. Some of these people can be your neighbor, the security guard to where you are working, your boss, your own relative, and might also be your own husband or children. Sad to say but reality speaks in behalf of us who denies this pandemic dilemma. Some of them are being misunderstood, rejected, and even abused. But on the lighter side, we have now ways and means to help these people overcome their addiction and this is when the need of counselors arises. The question is do you have that compassion within you to reach out for these people? Do not answer yet as we explore the wonders of being a counselor.

Substance Abuse Counselor Defined

What is their significant role in treating addicted people?

Counselors are expert therapeutic communicators in which their most important role focuses on giving the information about substance abuse and how to overcome its devastating effects. The counselor and the addict would need to talk about what are the causes and reasons why such addiction occurred. This will determine the root cause of the type of addiction that he or she is involved with. A comfortable environment through establishing rapport and trust is very important before any session because addicts usually have a hard time sharing their thoughts and feelings to a stranger.

As a counselor, a lot of ways have been proven to improve and change the lives of patients suffering from addiction. A one on one meeting and group counseling are the common methods but have the greatest impact on patients. It will help them to recover and gradually change their outlook in life into a positive disposition. Another way would be to work with the family. This is what we call family intervention in which there is collaboration with family members to find a solution and work it out. In addition to these methods, a counselor can also administer treatment in the clinical setting such as hospitals to help patients recuperate from drug and alcohol abuse.

How to Become a Counselor

You should have a degree in alcohol and drug counseling before you can become an official counselor. This career path is very rewarding because apart from the money and promotions stored in this kind of job, there is that unique sense of fulfillment that you cannot get from other jobs. Just imagine that you will be a change advocate, someone who can change the lives of patients who have lost their hopes and dreams. You will help the lives of many in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse.

When you find a relative or loved one addicted to drugs and alcohol, you will certainly give this job a try to personally touch their lives and give new meaning to it; free from addiction and dependencies. This job also entails you to become a better person so that you will serve as a role model to every patient and people who is suffering from addiction, whenever and wherever.

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