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Alliance Manager Job Description

Some of us want a job that does more the talking than doing, and this is the nature of an Alliance Manager. This is the kind of job where in you invest, not only a lot of self-confidence in maintaining the relationship between two companies but also an exceptional knowledge of how each other will succeed. Your innovative ideas and solutions is a must. This career is a combination of management, leadership and support talents in which you are expected to deal with the different temperaments of people, and the unique routines, guidelines, and system of other companies. This is the kind of job where in you will learn how to be flexible without compromising your own corporation.

Duties of Alliance Manager

An Alliance Manager is knowledgeable of the market and the target population of the products of their company. He knows the vision, propositions and goals of their company partners as well as how everything works on those corporations so that strategies for growth and development will be made.

He must be able to develop and maintain a good relationship with his own bosses, workmates, colleagues, other clients and especially to those who are in the alliance.

He updates the progress and developments of their alliance account. And if there are problems encountered, he must be capable of making remedies, plans or even solutions for the said problem.

He ensures the quality and the reliability of both company’s growth.

He oversees the possible actions and responses of partners to the plans and proposals that have been made, and to the current issues that affects mainly the business society.

Educational Requirements of an Alliance Manager

A bachelor’s degree with years of experience in handling huge company projects is required. However employers mostly consider those who have attained higher degrees like Masters in Business Administration who are also expert in managing business relations.

Working conditions of an Alliance Manager

Alliance Managers work on well-lit, ventilated and organized offices that are not only suitable in making for strategies and plans but should also be presentable to accommodate guests especially to their alliance. They usually have scheduled meetings everyday with company partners. Travels are also expected especially if the company deals with international group of large corporations. They work 40 hours a week, but if there are deadlines to be met, overtime will be necessary.

Skills of an Alliance Manager

He must be able to handle pressure and willing to help in building and maintaining the revenues of the company. He must also have an exceptional communication skills and self-confidence. Knowing other languages and cultures is also a big advantage in cases that the company handles multinational corporations. He should know how to develop and maintain good relations with his clients and alliance. He must be able to use and organize his resources accordingly, to achieve the objective of his client and the company. He should also be able to deal problems professionally and create a gap between his job and his personal dispute. He must be computer literate and knowledgeable about the current events of international and local market. And he must be passionate in business and other technologies.

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