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Ammunition Specialist Job Description

Ammunition Specialists are soldiers who are tasked with managing everything about ammunitions, explosives, and weapons which are collectively known as “ordnance”.

They inspect, modify or repair, and dispose ordnance that the Army uses in the performance of its duty in defending the nation. They handle ordnance, making sure that they are safe and accurate.

Nature of Work

Ammunition Specialists are in charge of receiving, storing, and issuing all the explosives used by the Army. They maintain, modify and destroy ordnance, when needed. Using computer programs and manual procedures, they control and perform accounting procedures of the stocks of all ammunition related items including guided missiles and large rockets. They operate material handling equipment to transport and load ammunition, their components and explosives on aircrafts. They inspect weapons systems for defect and may either repair them if possible or destroy them if not. Ammunition specialists are responsible for preparing and reviewing documents that controls the issuance and turning-in of ordnance. They involved in the development and implementation of plans for ensuring that ammunition is safely stored. Advanced level ammunition specialists train and supervise subordinate soldiers, providing them with technical guidance in handling ordnance. They will be trained on the basic principles involved in the operation and use of ammunition so they can do their job properly and safely. They will be dealing with highly complex, sophisticated and destructive ordnance so it is important that they get the proper training.


The Army accepts applicants with high school diploma or GED. Those who do not have GED can go to the Army National Guard and ask how they can obtain it. Applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 35. They must be able to meet the requirements for citizenship and pass the Army’s physical exam. They must also be able to meet the Army’s legal and moral standards. Applicants must be able to communicate, plan and organize effectively. They should have computer skills and be able to work under stress. They should have a mature and responsible outlook in life, high level of attention to detail and self-discipline.

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