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Assistant Manager Job Description

The Assistant Manager needs to be able to manage a group of sales people in retail or servers in a restaurant with a level head, multitask and have excellent people skills.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Assistant Manager needs to have certain skills like leadership ability, organizational skills, and a friendly outgoing personality.

The Assistant Manager can be trained to do many of the functions necessary in order to perform his/her duties but certain skills need to be inherit by the person who is applying for this position. The Assistant Manager will have several people to supervise while handling customer complaints, last minute schedule changes and a variety of other duties. Often an Assistant Manager in a restaurant must make sure that kitchen mess-ups are properly taken care of while dealing well with others. At times the Assistant Manager may find that the inventory is short so having these problems makes it probable that he must find the product shortage. The Assistant Manager is a leader representing their company and themselves well by acting as a role model to the people. The company expects the best foot forward for their Assistant Manager and that he shows the company in a good light.

Since the Assistant Manager must be able to multitask his or her organizational skills are a definite plus in holding this job position. You need to be able to focus on multiple situations and delegate tasks to employees to keep business running smoothly. You will find that at times your job functions are multiple and complex but with the proper help you can meet all the demands. The Assistant Manager recruits and hires new employees. The Assistant Manager is in charge of interviewing quality people to staff the location in which they work. The Assistant Manager needs to be able to teach new people how to function on the job, work with those who are having difficulty picking up new skills or problems performing duties.

The Assistant Manager must be friendly and outgoing since they will be dealing with the public on a constant basis. Their job requires them to have good people skills with the customers and with the employees that are under his care. Customers may have questions, concerns or complaints and as the Assistant Manager it is your job to handle with care making it easy for the customer to voice their opinions. You should always wear your happy face and handle customer concerns in a very professional manner hoping to resolve issues to the customer satisfaction. Your position requires your attention at all times. You do not have the luxury of sitting back, relaxing and letting things happen. Instead as the Assistant Manager you re the one that is on the forefront at all times. Part of your job requires you to motivate your employee’s to succeed and improve while you are improving your own personal attributes.

The Assistant Manager has a very important position and needs to be dressed to suit his position. You should wear the proper clothes for the position that you hold. Many companies require the Assistant Manager to wear their company’s clothes with the brand on the shirt. While other companies like auto shops, restaurants, etc. provide you with a uniform. If you are not sure about the proper clothes ask other managers to provide you with the dress code. In most cases you are required to wear dress pants and a nice shirt. It is best to dress up rather than to dress down in this type of position. You will soon find by watching others on the management team how to properly dress.

The Assistant Manager must have knowledge of computer skills, communication skills, the ability to use database and excel. The Assistant Manager must be able to keep a database of products ordered and inventory stock to replenish. The Assistant Manager is called upon to create flyers and advertising bulletins. The Assistant Manager maybe asks to solicit new customers in order to increase business. This can be accomplished in multiple ways. The Assistant Manager can make up coupons to pass out to customers that will give them a discount on their meals or a free drink. The Assistant Manager of a bagel shop for instances might go to local hospitals and ask them to serve their companies bagels in the snack shop. There are a variety of advertising methods that the Assistant Manager might use depending on the company and the product or service that he needs to promote.

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