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Athletic Director Job Description

Athletic directors are employed at different levels of educational institution that is why their responsibilities also vary extensively. In every school, there should be an athletic director working where a member of the teaching faculty may become one. An athletic director is more prestigious at tertiary institutes such as colleges and universities. To find out more on what is the scope of their work, let us discuss matters which are very important if you consider yourself to become an athletic director.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • An athletic director is the captain of the ship which means that he supervises the overall sports functions within an institute like overseeing the events and the logistics of every sports team associated with the school.
  • They also take responsibility in hiring and mentoring all coaches, maintenance of the facilities of sports being played within, and most importantly the management of the athletics department.
  • Athletic directors work under the guidance of a principal or dean of the college and he or she takes hold of everything that is related to the athletic programs.

Education and Training Requirements

  • Almost all of athletic directors have a four – year bachelor’s degree with a specialization in physical education and other related focus. It is preferred that an athletic director should have an educational background that pertains to exercise and physical health because it will help him or her to become effective in performing his or her duties.
  • Athletic directors have their own share of experience either playing or coaching sports at some time in their career which makes it so important especially in a college or university because they should have the foundation of knowledge when it comes to sports.

Working Field

  • Athletic directors always work in a school or university in which they spend part of their time in the office ad part of their time wandering to the various sports venues within the campus of the school. Their working environment changes every day because they divide their time between administrative and field work.
  • Because there are sporting events being held in different cities, athletic directors may have to travel since their presence is required. It may take them to spend long hours, days, and weekends depending on the nature of the program.
  • Being an athletic director is the highest position one can attain, they are highly expected to be always “on call” or be available if any problems or issues arise with the teams or athletics program.

Income and Benefits

The annual median salary of an athletic director is roughly around $78,000 but it varies widely and is dependent on the size of the school and athletic programs. However, an athletic director of an elementary of secondary school level has a part-time income of $37,000 annually or it may add up to their regular salary as a teacher. On the other hand, athletic directors who come from a large university with various athletic programs can earn up to $130,000 in an annual basis.

If you wish to become an athletic director, you have to keep in mind the things mentioned above and always have that passion in your heart so that you will succeed in everything that you do.

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