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Blackjack Dealer Job Description

A typical casino table is being manned by dealers. There are several types of dealers, one example is the blackjack dealer. All of them should be collected during a deal because everything happens real time and the duty calls for dealers who can multitask on the table. It may seem easy but there are a lot of things happening during a typical deal and the blackjack dealer should always be on top of things.

What is a Blackjack Dealer?

A Blackjack dealer is the person responsible in looking after operations in a blackjack table. They usually stand or sit behind the table and dispense cards, collect winnings and identifying the winner of each particular deal.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Blackjack Dealer

  • Blackjack dealers have to perform a variety of task in order to maintain smooth operations on the table. These tasks include counting of chips, handling money, applying the process of house rules to maintain a degree of integrity during a game.
  • Dealers also have to exchange paper currency to chips and should be able to calculate winnings as well as losing bets real time.
  • To look presentable, a dealer is responsible in maintaining the cards and chip tray in an orderly fashion to attract more players.
  • Since money talks in the casino, integrity is a very sensitive issue. A dealer is required to report any irregularities found in the premises and should be able to provide accurate relay of information. Finally, they should be prepared in performing duties assigned by their supervisor.

Work Condition of a Blackjack Dealer

  • A blackjack dealer is given the minimum 40 hour week schedule. Shifts may change dynamically based on instructions since casinos usually operate 24 hours a day.
  • Casinos are located in enclosed spaces and allow patrons to smoke inside air conditioned facilities. One must prepare by taking vitamins to make sure that the body will resist smoke which lingers in the air.
  • Constant flow of players is not guaranteed and there may be times that a blackjack dealer will have to wait for people to flock the table.

Educational Requirements of a Blackjack Dealer

  • Most of the jobs simply require a high school diploma and being a blackjack dealer is no exception. Although there are some skills an aspiring candidate must have to be successful in this field. These include mathematical skills and multi tasking skills. Most of the deal happens in a short span and immediate action is required. The job needs to be done precisely.

Occupation and Progress of a Blackjack Dealer

  • There are plenty of opportunities available for blackjack dealers. As entry level dealers, you get better chance at promotion if you are licensed by a gaming institute. Blackjack is the most common game in a casino which guarantees employment. With additional training and education, most dealers find themselves becoming pit bosses, supervisors and managers.

It may seem like an easy job on the outside. But in reality, being a blackjack dealer is not an easy task. With all of the things that you need to manage while on the table, as well as making computations in your mind it can get confusing. But with proper training and the right attitude, you can find success in this field.

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  2. I work as a dealer, hired last summer, but worked at another casino 12 years prior.
    For me being a shy person, getting use to working with people watching me took quite awhile to settle down. My reaction was similar to stage fright, and it’s difficult to function in this mind set.
    Being able to calculate payouts in your head quickly and accurately you need to know your multiplication table. There are simple number tricks that once you learn calculating payouts isn’t all that difficult. Again, you have to be relaxed when dealing otherwise simple calculations in your head can be difficult.
    You also need to develop a table awareness, which doesn’t come right away. Table awareness is being aware of everything that is happening at your table. Awareness comes with experience and being relaxed at the table.
    There are specific procedures for how a game is to be dealt and you have to follow them. You get evaluated constantly and if you are on probation you need to pass otherwise you will be let go.
    You are always being monitored by security cameras and supervisors. Certain dealer procedure are followed in order to keep the integrity of the game and dealer. A dealer is sort of like a referee in maintaining fair play, if procedures are not followed it could look like collusion between dealer and player and you will be out of a job.
    You have to show up for work when scheduled and meet casino dress code.

    If you have a friendly staff and good customer interaction. The casino can be an excellent place to work.

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