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Board Member Job Description

Managing an organization can be intricate. To maintain an organization to run smoothly there are a lot of different factors. People who are running it should establish codes of conduct, behavioral standards and create particular judgment on controversial matters that become known. Every now and then these circumstances are not easy and board of directors are obliged to aid in giving direction.
Every organization is in need of Board Members who are expert and experienced in different fields. You can be the one a company is looking for.

The Board of Directors is composed of a minimum of 9 members up to a maximum of 15. Each member of the Board will serve at least three years in the organization which can be renewed up to three terms. The Board are to receive cash incentives as their salary

What is a Board Member?

A Board Member serve on a Board of Directors. They hold significant positions and make essential decisions. They will have to work with other members on the Board of Directors. They make a choice on issues and select vital people to positions in their company. Board Members keep an eye on financial matters, relentlessly checking the company’s core.

Duties of a Board Member

  • A Board Member is totally aware on organizational subjects and takes part in the Board’s deliberation and assessments in topics of finance, programs, policy and personnel. They reassess the Board’s structure, commend changes and organize essential rule improvement.
  • Board Members consent fitting policy and other proposals acquired from the Board, its committee and senior staff. They generally screen all Board policies.
  • A Board Member frequently goes to board meetings and important associated meetings. They build serious devotion to take part in committee work. They also keep abreast of committee issues, get ready for meetings and re-evaluate and say something about reports.
  • Board Members works as system of checks and balances to Chief Executive Officers, presidents and other Board members making certain that organizational tasks are accomplished in a well-timed manner and that work tasks are carried out as it should be.

Work Condition of a Board Member

  • Typically most Board Members work in large offices that suits top executives and huge conference rooms where they confine board meetings. Most would have to work long days and relying on the industry, they may have to travel often.
  • They usually attend to a lot of meetings and should be present in important events. Board Members also accredit and take part in fundraising activities.

Board of Directors – Duties of each officer

The Board of Directors has also set of officers for proper distribution of tasks. They are composed of the Chairman, Committee Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Chair of the Board is the one who leads the team. He communicates with the Chief Executive and discusses issues of the company then relay it to the rest of the members. He monitors the planning and status of the financial aspect of the company. He evaluates the performance of the organization in achieving its mission and vision. He also evaluates the effectiveness of the members of the Board.

The Committee Chair sets the committee works of the corporation. He manages the logistics of the committee’s operations. He reports the plans, recommendations and decisions of the committees to the Chair of the Board and works closely with the Chief executive.

The Board secretary organizes and keeps all important documents of the board. He manages the minutes of every meeting and makes sure that this will be distributed to all members.

The Board treasurer manages the financial status of the organization. He also updates the development of financial policies and procedures.

The Board members are active participants of planning and setting of policies and the evaluation of the committees. They are familiar to the concerns and problem matters of the company.

Educational Requirement of a Board Member

  • For the most part, companies would require a Board Member to have a Bachelor’s Degree, beside the number of years in a specific industry. But in some occasions, board members are voted to have the position.

Occupation and Progress of a Board Member

  • Depending on how large the company is, Board Members are one of the highest paid people. For you to be successful in this career, you have to be professional, systematic and highly organized. One should possess great communication skills to be able to work together with other members.

Being a Board Member is one of the most promising careers. They are one of the reasons behind a success of a company. They just have to enthusiastically participate in sustaining the highest criterion for the board, take their role seriously and be a good example to their subordinates.

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