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Branch Manager Job Description

The Branch Manager is responsible for the administration and daily operations of a full service branch office of a bank or lending institution in most cases.

Primary Responsibility:

  • The Branch Manager is in charge of the daily operations that go on at any bank.
  • The Branch Manager is in charge of lending.
  • The Branch Manager is in charge of product sales, customer service and any security issues.
  • The Branch Manager is the one who develops customer relations and promotes sales and service.
  • The Branch Manager must have a BS/BA degree with seven plus years of experience.

The Branch Manager of any bank or lending institution is responsible for anything that happens at their branch and must maintain a good running facility. The Branch Manager often is the one who hires and fires anyone who works at their branch. They must check out each employee to make sure that they do not have a criminal record and can pass a drug test. The Branch Manager usually has a free hand in hiring their staff but in some cases the staff is hired by human resources at the main office.

The Branch Manager is in charge of product sales and works with the staff to create methods to promote such products as credit cards, auto loans, mortgage loans etc. It is vital for the branch to make money. The objective is to get new customers who will make deposits in the bank and not spending that money. New depositors are the responsibility of the Branch Manager. The new depositors often lead to people who will also apply for loans which make good business for the Branch Manager.

The Credit Card industry is one of the major methods that people like to get loans. The small personal loan is normally with the credit card. The Branch Manager likes to sell the customer an unsecured credit card if possible but there are other types that are available which still makes money for the branch bank. The Prepaid credit card, secured credit card and the unsecured credit cards are the usual forms of credit that a consumer may apply for and get in order to develop credit. The things that help the Branch Manager no matter which credit card is sold is the charges that each credit card contains. The APR%, membership fees, and late fees are one of the methods used to help the banks earn from the customer.

The lending of auto loans usually is a system worked out between a car dealership and the branch bank. The Branch Manager tries to solicit dealerships to send over reliable customers that they can loan money to buy a vehicle. The other method that people need to borrow is for real estate. The real estate loans happen with regular customers who wish to buy home, walk-in customers, and through real estate agency’s that the Branch Manager may have solicited to work with in this loan processing. Many times the Branch Manager might run an ad in the local newspaper advertising their branch as the best place for you to get a checking account, credit card or a loan. In larger banks the corporate places the ad in the news papers using the bank logo and possible the addresses of several branch banks. A website is utilized to advertise the bank with the customer putting in their zip code that will direct them to the branch bank that is closest to them. The Branch Bank Manager must watch that if any emails come through inquiring about their services that they answer them promptly.

The Branch Manager provides training to the staff to teach them how to properly deal with customer transactions, customer friendliness, and how to sell bank products. The Branch Manager watches the employee’s for future bonuses, raises, or promotions. It is very important for the Branch Manager to have very active employee’s help them recognize possible new customers or expand the services of their regular customers. Many times the staff is the one who meets and greets regular customers and potential customers that is why it is vital to have active employees. The Branch Manager must make sure that at the end of the day everything is in balance both in the safe and for each clerk’s cash drawers. The Branch Manager has many duties to do during the day which requires their full attention.

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