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Catering Associate Server Job Description

A Catering Associate Server is responsible for serving guests and taking their orders whether it may be in a restaurant or hotel.

They are also known for being the first ones in line when it comes to interacting with customers and so they most likely need to be able to create a good impression on these people. Other than taking orders, it is also the responsiblity of a catering associate server to read out the house specials for the day and guide the customers on what the restaurant or hotel is known for serving best.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Take orders and serve food and drinks to customers
  • Welcome and escort the customers to their desginated table.
  • Take down orders and record it in the computer or whatever system they are using.
  • Pass on the customer’s orders to the chef at the kitchen and to ensure that there would be very little time to wait for the customers before they are served their food.
  • Recommends wines and drinks to the customer being served
  • Suggest items on the menu to the customer to make them decide which dishes may go well together.

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