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Classroom Teacher Job Description

The Classroom Teacher is the one who has interaction with a body of students teaching them, helping to improve their cognitive capacity.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Classroom Teacher must make knowledge accessible to students in accordance to their age and capability of learning.
  • The Classroom Teacher must help the cognitive ability for the student to improve developing knowledge as they grow.

The Classroom Teacher is expected to meet regular and predictable attendance requirements in accordance with the teaching institution that they are working. The Classroom Teacher is the one who plans for and guides the learning process to help students achieve objectives required within the yearly studies. The Classroom Teacher must maintain a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning giving the students every opportunity to improve their cognitive capabilities. Providing them with the knowledge and atmosphere needed. In order to determine if the students are improving the Classroom Teacher implements useful diagnostic and progress assessment measures that can help determine how each student is improving. The Classroom Teacher selects and uses effective instructional methods and learning materials for the body of students that she is in charge.

The Classroom Teacher must also keep an open line of communication with the parents or guardians of the students keeping them informed as to the progress of their child and if the child needs any extra help. The Classroom Teacher must engage in professional growth activities through an ongoing program of job related knowledge and skill development. The Classroom Teacher must work as a team with the staff collaborating to achieve the overall purposes of the school programs.
The Classroom Teacher must meet all qualifications and behavior standards as set by the State that he/she works. The Classroom Teacher must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university. In most states a valid Teacher’s Certificate is issued in accordance with the level that the Classroom Teacher is able to teach within their district. The Classroom Teacher should have professional verification of Classroom Teacher performance and/ or student teaching experience. Classroom Teachers must show evidence of the willingness and the ability to comply with the standards for ethical and professional performance established by the State Board of Education from the state they plan on working in. When a Classroom Teacher secures a position teaching in the private sector or public sector they are required to maintain a regular attendance record.

The Classroom Teacher may select to teach in the private sector instead of working for public schools but rules and regulations apply that apply for teaching in the public school systems. There are some variations of the rules depending on the type of private school system that the Classroom Teacher is working because if these private schools are religious in nature then the courses may include religious studies and prayers. The school system may have a higher standard of qualifications for the teacher’s personal life style. This is permissible and the Classroom Teacher should keep this in mind before accepting the teaching position. In some cases the private sector is not religious in nature but a private school set up by parents and they too have certain rules that the Classroom Teacher must adhere. The private school sector is still required by the state to teach students certain requirements to future their capabilities in life. The Classroom Teacher is expected to carry out these functions along with the schools principals.

The Classroom Teacher should have good communication skills teaching a classroom of student’s means that she should be able to get across certain points of information in a clear manner both verbally and in writing. The Classroom Teacher needs to be able to use the computer, making projects, inputting student data, and finding important information on certain topics to use for the class. In times the Classroom Teacher is the one who has accessibility to the computer instead of the student. The Classroom Teacher needs to have the capability to communicate situations that occur with the student to the parent in a comfortable manner in order to resolve issues. The Classroom Teacher needs to be able to work with the staff in a team effort and also teach her student body how to work as a team. The Classroom Teacher is in charge while in the classroom and must adhere to proper manners.

Degrees and Training to Become a Classroom Teacher

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