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Fraud Prevention Specialist Job Description

The protection of customer assets and accounts from any fraudulent activity and detection of any suspicious activity are taken care of by Fraud Prevention Specialists.

Primary Objectives:

  • A Fraud Prevention Specialist pinpoints fraudulent activities on transactions done with the company to prevent losses.
  • Fraud Prevention Specialists also review and resolve current detection and prevention efforts that the company is already undertaking.
  • Fraud Prevention Specialists ensure that the business and the customers are protected from any risks and losses.
  • Fraud Prevention Specialists also interact with identity theft victims and ask them for recommendations to prevent future fraud.
  • A Fraud Prevention Specialist must have experience in conducting fraud analysis and risk management schemes. It is important for a Fraud Prevention Specialist to have analytical abilities in conducting investigations on cases that are potentially fraudulent. Basic computer skills in using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and web- based applications are also required of a Fraud Prevention Specialist.

    Information requests as well as cases assigned for fraud tasks will be forwarded to a Fraud Prevention Specialist. The Fraud Prevention Specialist reviews reports and monitors account transactions that are potentially fraudulent. In conducting investigations and finding fraud, a Fraud Prevention Specialist examines accounts to check any fraudulent or erroneous information. He may get leads from external and internal sources to pinpoint the fraud. After the investigation, the Fraud Prevention Specialist must summarize the key points of the investigation. It is also the job of the Fraud Prevention Specialist to identify patterns and trends to prevent future frauds. The Fraud Prevention Specialist also acts as a resource person assisting other fraud analysts.

    It is also the job of a Fraud Prevention Specialist to keep tabs on transactions that may be potentially fraudulent. Once a potential risk or fraud has been identified, the Fraud Prevention Specialist contacts customers to confirm their account activities. In the event that a fraudulent activity actually takes place, the Fraud Prevention Specialist must take corrective measures.

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  1. Worked on rotation basis in the Work Force Management (WFM) department of CMPak as Fraud Controller June 2015 to September2015.

  2. I was card prevention specialist last 14 years in Lithuania. It was Scandinavian bank. Job was very interesting.Salaty was approx. 15oo eur per month.

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