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Fundraising Manager Job Description

There are various organizations and societies who greatly depend on fundraising methods for them to be running, to be able to give service and to obtain the equipments they need. Through these donations that are given during fundraising events, they will be able to have their revenue. Before an organization start a fundraising event they make sure that they have the capability. This is where they will be in need of a Fundraising Manager.

If you think you have the skills to win over people then look through this job description.

What is a Fundraising Manager?

A Fundraising Manager develops and executes fundraising approach to ensure an organizations revenue. They are in charge in an array of fundraising assignments. There is a specific amount that they have to reach in a year and they get to meet this by making use of different fundraising efforts.

Duties of a Fundraising Manager

  • A Fundraising Manager reinforces relationships with the existing supporters and strives to recognize new possible supporters. Together with fundraising volunteers they work as one to make sure that the activities and researches are monitored and recorded. They make raised income that comes from existing foundation.
  • Fundraising Managers develop fundraising opportunities in the community and support people and groups who wants to engage in fundraising activities. They guide and empower fundraising volunteers to make sure that they achieve their goal through sharing insights and facilitating training activities. They take on other assignments as needed to make sure that the team is functioning properly.
  • Fundraising Managers make sure that the methods are in place for them to take advantage of opportunities of giving. They formulate and evaluate marketing program to convert existing group to regular supporters.
  • A Fundraising Manager works in order to recognize supplementary sources of income like a chance for corporate finding. They make sure that each and every fundraising program is recorded accordingly by using their database. They also send reports to the Director regularly.

Work Condition of a Fundraising Manager

  • A Fundraising Manager usually has irregular working hours. They will be asked to be present at networking occasions and dinners in weekends and evenings. They will also have to meet with different groups who support their organization.

Educational Requirements of a Fundraising Manager

  • To be hired as a Fundraising Manager one should hold a Bachelor’s Degree, this includes public relations, marketing and any field that are related to an organization. They also need to have experience in marketing and sales; have a broad network of business and contacts.

Occupation and Progress of a Fundraising Manager

  • For one to be successful in this career, he should posses’ confidence. He should be sociable and with excellent communication skills in order to persuade people to gain their support for the organization. He should also be effective in giving presentations to the group.

A Fundraiser Manager may have a favorable job outlook if they have the required education. On the other hand, there may be a tough competition since there are inadequate job opening for this position and aspiring applicants are obliged to have a technical background.

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