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Gaming Service Workers Job Description

The Gaming Service Worker may work for a variety business’s since gambling has been legalized in the United States. Gaming Service workers find employment with casino gaming, State lotteries, pari-mutuel wagering on contests such as horse or dog racing, and charitable gaming.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Gaming Service Workers find employment in establishments where the playing of games of chance is played.
  • The Gaming Service Worker duties are to help the customer but also watch that everything is being done appropriately at the gaming business.
  • The Gaming Service Worker title may vary depending on where they are working and what they are expected to be doing for the establishment.

Most Gaming Service Workers are employed at casinos. Their title may vary; however, their duties that they perform are the same basic functions in all casinos. Some of the Gaming Service Workers positions are associated with oversight and direction. Other Gaming Service Workers maybe involved with supervision, surveillance, and investigation. Other Gaming Service Workers maybe involved with working with the games or patrons themselves. The Gaming Service Worker maybe required taking care of the slot machines, handling money, writing and running tickets, and dealing cards or running games.

Casinos are just like every business and need people to oversee day-to-day operations. The Gaming Supervisors oversee the gaming operations and personnel in an assigned area. They circulate among the tables and observe the operations to ensure that all of the stations and games are covered for each shift. The Gaming Supervisor is responsible to explain and interpret the operating rules of the house to patrons who may have difficulty understanding the rules. The Gaming Supervisor may plan and organize activities to create a friendly atmosphere for the guests staying in their hotels or in casino hotels. The Gaming Supervisor is responsible to adjust complaints about service.

Gaming Service Workers may need special skills in order to perform their duties required by their occupation. The Gaming Workers who need special skills are those who do things like dealing blackjack for example. While other Gaming Workers need training in how to run a business with this they would need to know how to conduct financial transactions. Both types of Gaming Workers must interact with patrons. Some of the Gaming Workers who interact with patrons are those who attend to slot machines, making change, cashing or selling tokens and coins. Some Gaming Workers are used for writing and running for other games or perhaps must stay and deal cards at table games. Of course this type of Gaming Worker must make the interactions with patrons enjoyable as possible.

The Slot key Gaming Service Worker coordinates and supervises the slot department and its workers. This type of Gaming Worker duties include verifying and handling payoff winnings to patrons, resetting slot machines after completing the payoff, and refilling machines with money. The Gaming Service Worker who is the slot key person must be familiar with a variety of slot machines and be able to make minor repairs and adjustments to the machines as needed. When major repairs are required the slot key Gaming Worker determines if the machine should be removed from the floor or repaired right on the spot. This Gaming Worker is the frontline personnel who must enforce safety rules and report hazards.

The Gaming Service Worker and sports book writers and runners assist in the operations of games such as bingo and keno. This type of Gaming Worker also takes bets placed on sporting events. The Gaming Service Worker scans tickets presented by patrons and calculates and distributes winnings. In some cases the writers and runners operate the equipment that randomly selects numbers in certain types of betting events. While other Gaming Service Workers announce the numbers selected, pick up tickets from patrons, collect bets, or receive, verify, and record patron’s cash wagers.

There are Gaming Service Workers who are dealers operating table games such as craps, blackjack and roulette. The Gaming Service Worker may perform their duties standing or sitting behind the tables. The Gaming Service Worker dealers provide the patrons with the dice, dispense cards to players, or run the equipment. Gaming Service Workers are there to monitor the patrons for infractions of the casino rules. The Gaming Service Workers who are dealers must be skilled in customer service and in executing their game. The Gaming Service Worker has a very fast-paced work environment and must be able to maintain them in a stressful work situation.

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