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Hotel Housekeeper Job Description

Hotels and Motels strive for a record of cleanliness that is why it is important for the housekeeper to provide excellent cleaning services.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Perform cleaning duties in the rooms of the customers.
  • Perform cleaning duties in outer areas such as hallways, lobby areas etc.
  • Perform laundry duties to keep bedding and towels clean

Most hotels and motels hire Housekeepers to help them maintain a very clean atmosphere for all their customers. Cleanliness is a major issue that will determine if a customer will stay or leave the business. The Housekeeper is normally assigned specialized cleaning duties in order to maintain the facilities. The laundry is a vital part of the cleaning process that a Housekeeper maybe put in charge. The Housekeeper that does the laundry is responsible for all the linen, towels, bedding and workers’ uniforms. The Housekeeper in this area must see to it that everything is properly washed, dried, properly folded and then placed in the appropriate areas for the other Housekeepers to find while doing their duties.

Housekeepers who are sometimes called maids are put in charge of doing the cleaning of the guest rooms. This Housekeeper must do a very thorough cleaning after the guest leaves the room before another guest can be checked into that room. This Housekeeper/Maid usually vacuums the floor, changes the bed linens, replaces all the towels, and cleans the bathtub and the bathroom floor. This Housekeeper must do a final inspection on the room before it is released to the next guest. Normally this Housekeeper leaves behind a card letting the guest know that they were the one who cleaned the room and changed the linen so if there is a problem the guest will know who cleaned their room. Most guest like the way that the Housekeeper works and often will leave behind a tip to help compensate her for all her hard work. The Housekeeper is also responsible for restocking items like the soap, tissues, towels, drinking glasses and other personal items that a guest might need while them stay at the facility.

The Housekeeper is the one who checks to make sure that everything in the room is in working order. They are not responsible to fix any of these items instead must report anything that is broken or needs attention to the supervisor. The Housekeeper must take any articles that are left behind to the lost and found department immediately so if the guest inquires about the item it can be returned right away. Also in some cases the item may need to be mailed to the guest. Often items like phone chargers, electric shavers and other smaller electrical items are left behind so the Housekeeper will need to see if the guest can be located before they leave the area. In some cases the guest may have a cell phone so contacting them before they leave town is easy. The problem may arise if they are getting on a flight that is about to leave not giving them enough time to return to pick up left behind items. That is why it is important for the Housekeeper to turn things over immediately to the lost and found.

The position of Housekeeper does not require a formal education; however, motel and hotel owners do prefer to hire people with a high school diploma or the equivalent. Most Housekeepers learn their job by on the job training. One of the main concerns that the hotel/motel owners check is to make sure that the Housekeeper does not have any kind of criminal record. The Housekeeper must be able to work quickly and efficiently without invading the guest’s privacy. All Housekeepers are expected to be neat, and clean in their appearance. Most of the larger hotels/motels provide uniforms with the Housekeepers name tag. Some of the smaller motels may not provide a uniform but do require that the Housekeeper come looking neat and clean in descent looking clothing. You are not normally permitted to wear skirts or dresses that are two short. You should wear slacks that fit properly with a top or sweater that has a good fit. You should not wear dangling jewelry because of the probably that you could have an accident. When you do get a position as a Housekeeper you should check with the supervisor to the type of clothes that you are permitted to wear and if you are permitted to wear any jewelry items.

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