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Human Resource Manager Job Description

The people who work in a business are the most valued assets and it is up to the Human Resource Manager to interview and hire the most productive people possible.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Human Resource Manager (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets.
  • The Human Resource Manager is responsible to manage the people who work for an organization.
  • The Human Resource Manager is responsible for employing people, developing their resources, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requirement.
  • The Human Resource Manager is the organizational manager for employees and company.
  • The Human Resource Manager Personnel administration.

Employees are individuals with different needs and goals and not to be considered as machinery instead the Human Resource Manager Job is to insure that the employees are getting the things that they need. The Human Resource Manager realizes that a “happy worker” is much more productive. The “happy worker” performance is better producing more products that is a better quality. Many of the things that employees expect from their employer are things like good wages, descent working conditions and benefits. That is the purpose of the Human Resource Manager to help the employee get these things and also to make sure that the employer has a good employee that works hard producing good quality work. The Human Resource Manager has the position of having to fire someone who is shiftless, lazy, not producing good products or working at a too slow a pace. This is not a favorite part of the job of being a Human Resource Manager but it is a necessary part of the job.

The Human Resource Manager is responsible for workforce planning working with the different managers in the departments to make sure that they have enough people on each shift. The Human Resource Manager is the recruitment of qualified people who can fill the space when there is a vacancy no matter what department makes the request for new employee. When a new person is hired the Human Resource Manager is the one who does the induction and orientation of the new employee before they are sent to the department for training. The Human Resource Manager is vital in checking and verifying the skills of each department manager. Often the Human Resource Manager may take a lead role in training and development of newly hired management. The Human Resource Manager is the one who takes the lead in the personnel administration section keeping track of all the employees. The Human Resource Manager keeps track of compensation that are earned by employees and an increase in wages or salary for those who have earned it or been with the company long enough to get a raise.

One of the functions of the Human Resource Management is that of time management. It is important that they can manage their own time and that of others who are under their control. When there are executives who travel for the business the Human Resource Manager might work closely with the accounting department to make sure that no unnecessary trips are being made. The Human Resource Manager may not be the one who actually figures payroll and makes out checks but often they are in charge of time cards and making sure that each department stays within their limit of payroll hours. The accounting department may report to the Human Resource Manager when a department is over budget and ask for assistance to get the department back into the right budgeted amount. The Human Resource Manager often does performance appraisal especially for management and executives in order to give them the much deserved raise.

The position of Human Resource Manager requires a person to have a college or university degree in business management or administration. There are now colleges that offer courses in Human Resource Management that helps in the field and insure a better chance of employment in a larger corporation. The field of Human Resource Manager requires you do a variety of functions and most common amongst those is staffing people in the right position in the company to keep it fully operational at all times.

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