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Jingle Writer Job Description

Do you have an innate musical talent in composing catchy little rhymes and tunes? If so, then this is the right time to start a career as a jingle writer.

What is a Jingle writer?

Jingle writers are lyrics and music writer who composes for products advertising and services on various social media like radio and television. A good example is a soundtrack for a given movie. A good jingle must suit the products and services that are being advertised. It must emphasize key qualities such as style, feeling, mood and holistic experience connected with the specific services and use of the product.

Duties of Jingle Writer

  • A jingle writer is a songwriter or lyricist who specializes in writing composition for television, internet commercials and radio. They can also write lyrics for the jingle or utilize some musical collaborator. Finding words that fit to the music is not considered as an acquired skill but an essential innate talent.
  • The foremost duty of jingle writers is to musically represent their client’s thoughts and ideas as directed and prevent crowded and redundant ideas into the message that they want to convey. Oftentimes, the client will be the one to decide about the length of the desired jingle, the required specific lines to be composed into the verse and the deadline for the piece.
  • A jingle can be created in different broadcast advertisement in a form of short, alternating spoken verse with accompanied background music. The entire commercial can also cover vital words that will provide appropriate information regarding the service and the product. It should also comprise an ear-catching song. These two approaches are mostly utilized by many jingle writers.
  • In jingle writing, the important thing is to make certain that the words highlight the name of the service or the product. Jingle writers have the ability to write and compose great verses in a fast manner.

Condition of Work

Most of the jingle writers work in recording studios, music production houses, advertising agencies and in house music departments with songwriter staff, lyric creators and producers. Some jingle writers work as freelancers.

Educational Requirements

There is no specific academic requirement in working as a jingle writer. However, prior courses especially in creative music and writing composition can be very helpful to get the job. Undergraduate degrees in music, English and liberal/fine arts are also typical as a jingle writer. A good knowledge about musical theory as well as familiarity on both old and new standards of pop music is also important.

Occupation and Progress

  • There are many jingle writers that are also musicians and songwriters. Many songwriters start out their career as jingle writers. Many of their clients are makers of video game, supervisors of movie and music and producers of various advertising commercials.
  • Some consider jingle writers as less important as compared to actual songwriting. However, jingle verses are heard by millions of people instantly on radio, Internet, television with accompanied great appealing tunes.

Jingle Writer salary expectations

Pay rates for a jingle writer vary greatly depending on the size of the contract and how successful it is. Usually a contract consists of a upfront payment and ongoing back royalties. The average salary of a jingle writer can be between $48,000 – $88,000 per year according to Glassdoor. Salary may depend on level of education, experience and geographical location.

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  1. I am a new candidate, who is seeking job of jingle writer, I am able to create Bengali lyric and to compose song. I have no previous history/experience of work.

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