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JROTC Army Instructor Job Description

There are lots of jobs which you can apply today especially if you prefer to work in a school or university. One of the many jobs is the JROTC army instructor. This person is actually responsible for instructing and handling secondary students in the JROTC curriculum.

Getting interested? Get all the important details regarding this profession below.

What is a JROTC Army Instructor?

JROTC army instructor is the person who is skilled and trained instructs cadets in JROTC curriculum for one whole year. He is skilled and knowledgeable to conducts training at Aviation Academy during summer and JROTC curriculum as well.

Duties of a JROTC Army Instructor

  • A JROTC army instructor is responsible for developing short and long range plans. This is necessary for achieving curriculum goals as well as establishing clear objectives for each lesson.
  • A JROTC army instructor is responsible for evaluating the student’s progress and even provides counsel cadets in their performances that is under the JROTC curriculum program.
  • A JROTC army instructor is also responsible for monitoring the student’s activities in order to maintain the security and safeties of the environment.
  • A JROTC army instructor is responsible for maintaining the supplies accountability under the strict compliance with Army security regulations.
  • A JROTC army instructor is responsible in applying different instructional media and techniques.

Work Condition of a JROTC Army Instructor

  • JROTC army instructor is usually provided by suitable accommodations especially for those who have disabilities.
  • JROTC army instructor’s duties are normally performed in a class or school environment unless he or she is assigned in summer camp.

Educational Requirements of a JROTC Army Instructor

Here are the general requirements for those who are interested to apply on this profession: he or she must have high school diploma or equivalent and obtain an Associate’s degree within 5 years from date of employment, retired less than 3 years from the effective date of employment. He or she must also meet Army JROTC height/weight/body fat standards, high standards of military bearing, appearance and moral character.

Occupation and Progress of a JROTC Army Instructor

Most JROTC army instructor works in school and camps. Their hard-work and devotion have resulted in an Army JROTC program which is highly praised at the local and national levels. There is a better chance of promotion for such candidate. Instructors serve as liaison between the Army and civilian neighborhood serve as great role models for our youth.

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