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Kennel Manager Job Description

Animals are likely the same as humans; they also need a daily care and attention. We should not abuse animals because they’re not toys that we always play with it. If humans will take good care of their pets in return they will take care of you in times of need. So we should also give importance to them. If the owner is traveling there are kennel manager or kennel attendants who can take care of our pets when we are away.

What is a Kennel Manager?

A kennel manager is the one who take care of our pets when we are away from them, providing water, food dishes to the animals. Some kennel also train animals, sell pet foods and supplies, prepare cages for long-distance travel. This person is also responsible for monitoring pet’s diseases that might affect their health.

Duties of a Kennel Manager

  • A kennel manager is responsible for taking good care of our pets. Because of it, they’re the one who is in charge in cleaning and maintaining dog’s cages, stalls and runs. In tradition, kennel manager is the responsible in watering, feeding, training, exercising the dogs.
  • Some kennel manager manages the training of the animals, sell pet foods and supplies and cages for pets. He/she is also in control with the monitoring of the pets if they have an illness or a disease to prevent injuries to workers and other animals.
  • This person also secures the safety of animals. He/she oversees the kennel operations and handles the business of the kennel. Assists the sale of puppies, sale of feeds and cages.

Work Condition of a Kennel Manager

  • A kennel manager usually works animal hospitals, boarding kennels and dog tracks.
  • This person is the one who take good care of the animals so he/she should natural love for animals. He/she should strong problem-solver and in decision making. Past experiences in animal training and obedience are a must. He/she should know how to discipline and has a lot of patience in doing training in animals. Should have the ability in communicate effectively. Knows how to work in teams. Another is he/she should have the knowledge in animal diseases, medications and behaviors.
  • He/she has a good customer service skills are also desired.

Educational Requirements of a Kennel Manager

To be a Kennel Manager require that training professionals and animal care. He/she should have a high school degree or GED. Some hospitals prefer to employers that has a college degree in animal science, marine biology, biology or similar discipline. He/she should have the knowledge in animal diseases, medications and behaviors. In case of health emergency he/she can easily cope up to the animals. An experience in animal training is needed.

Occupation and Progress of a Kennel Manager

Being a Kennel Manager is risky. You take care of different common animals like cats, dogs, etc. You should be brave and an animal lover. You shouldn’t be afraid that the animal might bite you. You must know how to communicate with them properly.

Helping animals in their daily life is a great success as a kennel manager. Many needs a kennel manager so it great to take this kind of profession!

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