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Librarian Job Description

A Librarian is held responsible for all resource centers of the corporation or institution that they are employed by and they are required to supervise personnel under their administration.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Librarian must develop and coordinate any training courses or materials as well as prepare and distribute user documentation and aids.
  • The Librarian is responsible to design and deliver database tutorials and instruction materials for users and assists them in search strategies and advanced information needs.
  • The Librarian is responsible to meet on a regular basis with the staff to coordinate projects, policies, procedures, select books and other media needed for the growth of the library.

The Librarian is responsible for the cataloging, in/out processing, storage repair and maintenance of books and other equipment that the library must maintain. The Librarian must help any person (s) who need help finding materials for their project. The Librarian is held responsible to maintain ongoing professional industry knowledge and skills of the library. This is the information science that helps anyone find needed materials.

The Librarian is no longer one who works at an educational institution like schools, colleges and universities now many corporations have libraries that need to be kept maintained. The legal profession and the medical profession both require updated materials that help them as well as all older materials. The specific fields have now put everything on disc or saved to a computer which will cause the executives, medical personnel or legal professionals to inquire within the library about materials or find it themselves. The internet is a valuable tool that Librarians must know how to use and teach others to use. It is important that a Librarian know how to do research on the internet or in house research on materials that are already kept within the library.

A Librarian must have a Masters degree from an institution accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education in Library Science from an ALA accredited school. Most professional places prefer to have a Librarian with at least two years experience working in a library environment. The Librarian must have good oral and written skills in communication. The Librarian must be able to work well in group settings managing a team in projects. The Librarian must be able to be a team leader providing information and training. The newer Librarian must be trained and watched over until the skills are readily available without instruction or supervision.
The Librarian that works in the legal field provides information for paralegals, legal assistants and attorneys. This type of Librarian deals mostly with previous cases providing the needed information to help the others in court room proceedings. This type of Librarian also has access to forms and legal agreements that need to be filled for the client. The Librarian normally has some curses in business law and legal representation in order to fulfill the much needed job requirements.
The Librarian that assists premed students, physicians and other health care professionals must have knowledge too materials that involve medical conditions, diseases, and specific types of medical personnel. The Librarian usually takes courses in the medical field to help with terminologies and other medical knowledge pertaining to equipment and procedures. This type of Librarian may work at universities or within hospitals. There are medical facilities that keep a library for their own medical staff and there are Librarians that keep this Library up-to-date.

Corporations often keep libraries that the executives, legal departments, accounting departments and other board members may use. This Librarian must keep the library up-to-date on a variety of things from legal to corporate business transactions. This Librarian must make sure that they know the terminology needed to help each department, be able to do research on the internet, and provide materials for board members as needed. This type of Librarian must take courses in a variety of fields in order to maintain a corporate library.

The Librarian who takes care of schools deals with students and teachers. The lower grades have Librarians that deal with books and story time. Often this Librarian must keep up with the newer learning procedures along with methods of study and research for students in a lower level environment of education. The school Librarian of higher learning is that of middle school and high school students who need help finding materials for reports etc. These students also need to be able to learn how to do research work on the internet and the Librarian may assist them in their work. Finally, there is the Librarian who works in colleges and universities level and they must provide an excellence of care for their libraries as well.

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