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Massage Therapist Job Description

Massage Therapy is being used to treat painful ailments, decompressing tired and overworked muscle, reducing stress, rehabilitating sports injuries, and promoting general health.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Massage Therapist objective is to relieve painful ailments in a person.
  • The Massage Therapist objective is to help relieve overworked muscles and reduce stress.
  • The Massage Therapist may give treatment for medical benefit or for relaxation purposes.
  • The training for Massage Therapist varies in standards amongst states. There are over 1,500 massage therapy postsecondary schools, college programs and training programs that a person may chose from to become a Massage Therapist.

A person who wishes to become a Massage Therapist should consider the law in their state before they determine if they are going to be giving massages to provide medical benefits or for just relaxation. Since the laws vary from state to state and since the training also varies it is wise to make sure what you are permitted to do in your area. The training then usually lasts about six months and can extend into a longer period of training if you want to give massages for medical benefits. The Massage Therapist must take programs that cover subjects such as anatomy, physiology, the study of organs and tissues. The study of motion and body mechanics is very important for a Massage Therapist.

Business ethics is vital when you become a Massage Therapist. Hands on practice of massage techniques must be done always in a professional manner. The Massage Therapist must be careful that the patient does not accuse them of something different than just giving a massage. Unfortunately, since it is a hands-on occupation the Massage Therapist should know all the proper techniques to use. Some training schools give alumni services such as post-graduate job placement and continuing educational services. In most cases the schools offer both full and part-time programs that will help the Massage Therapy.

The Massage Therapist can specialize in over 80 different types of massages, called modalities. Listed are just a few of the most popular forms of massages:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Reflexology massage
  • Sports massage
  • Acupressure massage
  • Neuromuscular Massage

Some Massage Therapist may combine the different types of massages in order to meet with the patients needs. Most Massage Therapists specialize in several modalities that require different techniques in order to provide the patient with the much needed massage therapy. A Massage Therapist may use exaggerated strokes ranging the length of the body part, while others use quick, percussion-like strokes with a cupped or closed hand. The Massage Therapist can make the massage last as long as two hours or give a short five or ten minute massage. The Massage Therapist tries to give the patient the type of massage that they need depending on the condition of the body and their physical needs.

The Massage Therapist usually uses different types of massage techniques on the elderly than say someone who is younger with a sports injury. The Massage Therapist is trained to give prenatal massage and infant massages when it is needed. The Massage Therapist usually works by appointment and normally they spend time with the patient finding out their medical history before they start giving the massage. It is very important that the Massage Therapist know the persons medical history, such things as broken bones, diseases etc. are vital information. The massage may be centered on pain related problem areas and the Massage Therapist may change techniques while giving the massage. The patient may notice that the pain is moving in their body causing the Massage Therapist to change the type of massage that they are giving.

The Massage Therapist unlike physicians fined that their work environment may vary. The Massage Therapist works in an array of settings both private and public. The Massage Therapist may work in private studios or offices taking care of only one person. Other times the Massage Therapist may work in hospitals, nursing homes, fitness centers, sports medicine facilities, airports, and shopping malls taking care of a large variety of people with many different problems. While other Massage Therapist travels to people’s homes or offices providing specialized massages on a timely basis. It is the choice of the Massage Therapist how they prefer to work.

Degrees and Training to Become a Massage Therapist

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